Disney Infinity has Arrived, no More Work Getting Done

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Disney Infinity arrived at our house today, a couple of ways. Here’s the thing… I was on a list to get a review copy of the game. Last Tuesday I got a message from the PR firm that I wasn’t on the list and wasn’t getting a copy of the game. I was flabbergasted. I’d been promoting the game and all the while had though that I was on the review list. No dice. So I sent a message to someone that I met at the Monsters U Event. We had spent about an hour talking about the game while I saw a demo of it being played. I reached out to her, she assured me that it was all a big mistake and that I’d get a copy this week.

The thing is I’m making videos of the game and, trying to, get those videos out there while people are searching for information about Disney Infinity. It is hard to be on top of things when you don’t have the game on opening day. So, we went to Toys R Us today and just bought the game. I figure that when the review copy arrives I can return one of the games and everything is copacetic. I made a little video about it.

So once we got the game out we actually played it for most of the night. I played with Eva in Toy Box mode which is great for a little kid. You can do all sorts of things and there is no real structure until you start creating a structure to the game. She enjoyed it but did not like it when I placed and Enemy creator and started it up. She doesn’t like the fighting. She also wants to be on the same screen with me all the time and doesn’t like the split screen thing. I’m glad we are playing on a 55″ TV because that means we have more split screen area to see. I let her take the Wii U gamepad because that made gameplay easier for her. I used the nunchuck and wiimote. I am seriously contemplating a new Wii U controller, not a gamepad but one of the wii u specific controllers.

Allison and I played for a bit and then I had some work to do so she took a solo game playing the Monsters University playset. She did really well and had a great time playing. I think this is going to be a great game for the whole family to continue playing.

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