Disney Infinity Toy Box Mode Trailer

Disney Infinity Toy Box Mode

While I was attending Monsters University this week I met some people who were demonstrating Disney Infinity. They were using the Monsters University playset, of course. But they switched over to Toy Box mode for me and let me see what can be done there. I was blown away!

Today Disney Interactive released their first video totally focused on the Disney Infinity Toy Box Mode. Here it is.

How incredible is that last shot, totally sums up the power of toy box mode. I’m getting very excited about this new game and even more excited because I received a Mike Wazowski figure for Disney Infinity while I was at Monsters University. Here is my video all about that.

And Here is a photo of the figure.

Mike Wazowski

Here is the official description of Toy Box Mode.

In the Toy Box mode, players can build their own adventures and worlds featuring hundreds of characters, vehicles, items and environments, including Scrooge McDuck’s money pit, a Tron Recognizer, the Dumbo flying elephant ride and Stitch’s Surfboard. Players can also use the logic editor to create any kind of game or experience, such as action adventures, obstacle courses, capture-the-flag, tower defense, car races – even re-create some of their favorite classic arcade games.

I don’t know about you but I am super excited to play this game when it arrives in August.

Disney Infinity Toy Box Mode

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