Do I rank up there?

All over the Internet, when I surf other blogs, people are talking about how they lost their page rank. Heck I got slammed too on 4 blogs, some multiple times. I was so annoyed at Big G that I went and bought a domain called, it is true.

My readers have actually increased and the comments here on this blog have been awesome. I’m more popular than ever. I post fresh original content every day. So why did I get slammed? Well there are many reasons. So what can I do?

As Donnie Brasco says, “Fugeddahhboutit!”

The real deal out there is what is called a Real Rank from IZEA. Real Rank looks at your actual traffic and visitors as well as your sphere of influence. A small bit of javascript is placed on your blog so that the data can be gathered. You might know that IZEA owns PayPerPost and many blogs that posted for PayPerPost were smacked around by the Internet’s big G (not the real big G because remember Anyway the javascript code is separate from that of PayPerPost so you do not have to join up with PayPerPost to get the benefits of this ranking system. But if you were so inclined to sign up please click the PPP button in my footer.

Signing up for your Real Rank is easy. Just head over to and start the sign up process. I’ll walk you through it. It is simple.

Step 1. – Go to and click Sign Up.

Real Rank Page

Step 2. – On the sign up page fill in the required fields and submit. Heh, one of the challenge questions is a word problem involving some 20 toys on Ted’s desk. He’s never seen mine, my desk looks like a toystore man. But I digress.

Real Rank 2

Step 3. – Once you have signed up you will get a confirmation e-mail and then you need to add code to your blog. First you add the IZEA Tool Kit and then you add code to verify ownership of your blog. Then you will go to your account page.

Real Rank 3

On this page you will see the information that you entered and the listing of all of your blogs. I have seven and one got cut off the screenshot. You even get your own API key so if you are a coder you can make your own mashups for thinks like displaying your Real Rank on your blog. You might have noticed but I removed some information but I left up my birthday, (in case anyone wanted to know when it was.)

Once your blog has been verified and the toolkit installed data will begin being captured based on your real traffic and real visitors. You can check back each day to see what your rank is, what your weekly average is and you can also view a graph of your blog compared to any other blog in the IZEARanks system. You can actually compare up to 10 blogs on the same graph.

Here is a graph of my IZEARank for this blog for the past 7 days.

Real Rank 4

Things are headed in the right direction for this blog. Must be the guest blogger stuff I am doing.

Now here is a graph of all 7 of my blogs for the past month.


Looks like I have to get some focus on those other blogs. They are lagging big time except for a huge spike from Flatwater Tech. I mentioned Robert Scoble in a post and he picked up the story and linked to me. So the ‘Scoble Effect’ sent that blog soaring, I should have posted about that on this blog. Oh well, live and learn.

In all I think the IZEARanks are a great thing. Each day more work is being done to the site and the service. I like the visual graphs of my data and the ability to see and display my rank for and on my blogs. I would like a better way to see the ranks of all of my own blogs at once rather than having to type each one in and I would also like to see more information about my visitors. The site is still evolving and I know that it will only get better. Even though this Internet world is a flash in the pan here today gone tomorrow kind of world I still have a buy and hold investor’s mentality and I am in it for the long haul with IZEA and their latest service of Sign up today.

If your blog has the #1 RealRank each week in February you could win $1000.00. That is certainly worth signing up to see how you stack up.

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9 thoughts on “Do I rank up there?”

  1. Debo,

    I moderate comments and hadn’t had a chance to approve your first one, no problem there. Check out IZEARanks and you will see some great stuff. Thanks for stopping and commenting.

  2. OK, walk me through this. I claimed ownership of my PPP blog, because it already had the ITK installed. However, when I tried to add a non-PPP blog using the code they gave me, it still comes up with those red X’s. I tried it several times and then ran off and forgot about it. I haven’t tried asking at IzeaRanks, but, since you were explaining it already…

  3. Hi Anna,
    I would send a message to customer love they have been really helpful to me.

    Here is my suggestion. Try the code again, if you are using blogger make sure that when you ad the code you check of expand widgets and then place the code down near the bottom of the page. I had one of my blogs not show up for a while. What I ultimately had to do was send a message to customer love. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

  4. This should have been a post for the IZEA guest spot, great work Drew. I’ve been signed up with them for a short time and I like it. Although when I tried to add a blog that wasn’t associated with like payperpost, it wouldn’t let me, and I am having trouble with the widget showing up on my blog, your widget for IZEA doesn’t work either, I am taken to a page with a 500 Error, not sure what’s up with that.MY weekly average is 1409 with today’s being 1042, so I guess that’s a good thing. I tried that other page rank think (googles?) and I got a zero oops! lol Although I don’t much care what number I get anywhere, as long as I have my peeps reading and interacting, I’m a happy chica.

  5. Thanks Chica,

    In essence it was a post for IZEA, just not for their blog as a guest postie. Which of my widgets gives you the error. I have to fix that. Never mind I see. That widget actually comes from It looks nicer than the official widget, smaller and more compact but there is some coding that is funky. I will have to look into it.

  6. Want to keep Google’s ‘esteem’? Watch what you link out to. Link only to quality sites that are related to your site’s theme.

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