Do you Have a Regular Date Night?

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The other night Allison and I were doing our nightly thing. Allison checking facebook and knitting and me writing my latest blog post. We were watching our shows on the DVR and as we fast forwarded through the commercials we stopped a commercial early and saw the commercial for the Date Night Movie. To me it looked really very funny.

We are fans of both Tina Fey and Steve Carell as we watch The Office and occasionally 30 Rock. The movie looks like it is going to be a hit when it is released on April 9th (my birthday by the way and the start of year six of my Photo-A-Day project, but I digress). The movie looks like Adventures in Babysitting with a married couple who really love each other playing the Elisabeth Shue part. So, to me it looks great because I love those fish out of water comedies. Take a look at the official trailer and judge for yourself.

Here is what I find endearing about this movie. The characters of Claire and Phil Foster (Tina Fey and Steve Carell) are an average couple who love each other and you can see that in their interactions, at least in the trailers and TV spots that they like each other as well.

Their date night rolls around and it has become as humdrum and familiar as their everyday life, they go to the same place each week and order the same meals. Who else has a date night like that? I bet that many people do that. There isn’t anything wrong being comfortable and familiar it just isn’t exciting.

Well, Phil and Claire end up getting more excitement than they ever imagine when they change up their routine to spark some excitement. Things go awry from there when they are mistaken for another couple and soon find themselves on the run from an underworld boss and his goons.

I think this movie will be not only box office gold but comedy gold, as long as all the best parts weren’t revealed in the trailers. However, with two comedy powerhouses like Carell and Fey I don’t think we have to worry, I think they will bring plenty of the funny to fill the whole movie.

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