Do You Know Your Potential?

Do You Know Your Potential?
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In the yard there are some raspberry vines. They are pretty much taking over where I park my car. I see this bunch with the one red berry and I thought of potential.

Everyone has heard the question “Are you living up to your potential?” Well are you? I’ve been listening to some amazing people who continue to push their potential to the limits. One person is Ted Murphy. He is an inspiration. Not only is he the CEO of IZEA but he is also a marathoner. That means multiple marathons and his 1st one was this year! Ted continues to push the limits. He’s pretty amazing and inspires others to be amazing also.

The next person that I have been listening to a lot lately is Gary Vaynerchuk. Each morning I watch an episode or two of Wine Library TV on my iPod Touch. It is not that listening to wine (which I have no clue about) is all that inspiring but it is the way that Gary brings his A game to every single episode. And I just discovered Gary’s personal blog and additional videos. So much to watch and learn from. I went and pre-ordered Gary’s upcoming book Crush It because I too want to turn my passions into a career. That would be making this blog attain its full potential.

Another person is someone I’ve written about in the past. This guy has a message that I think you should be listening to. He needs to do more videos though because his voice and passion translate only so far in the written word (but I might be biased because I’ve seen him speak many times and he moves me.). I’m talking about Ed Gerety. Ed has written a couple of books, Combinations is one that I reviewed chapter by chapter and it was incredible. The chapters break out into core values or combinations it has Gratitude, Attitude, Respect, Kindness and Believe. Ed has a great blog (blog more Ed) called Ed Gerety’s Dream Big Blog, he is a man who is working on his potential every day and helping others live up to theirs. I want to be watching Ed Gerety’s Dream Big Podcast someday. Ed, please make it happen

For me, I’m working on my potential every day, working out now (gotta show up at IZEAFest and have Ted not recognize me.), working on my blog, readers and my photography. I had another interview today with a different reporter from the New York Times. It is for an article about bloggers who make a living blogging. I don’t but I have the potential to do so and if I want to do it I have to take action towards that goal. Stick around because the journey will be posted!

Bonus Photo

Extra Potential

Talk to me people.

Who inspires you?

What potential are you cultivating? Why?

What potential are you wasting? Why?

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4 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Potential?”

  1. I feel a lot pressure from my wasted potential. I work a dead end job which I excel at but don’t care about. Not what I planned.

    The one area I most regret not living up to my potential in is writing. I gave it up after high school, (okay, after junior year).

    Blogging started as a writing exercise, a habit forming way to get some words out. It has become a passion unto itself. I’m not saying I’m the best blogger. I’m far from the most popular. But I do feel it is one area where I care enough to work to the best of my abilities.
    .-= Look at what Tina Kubala wrote blog ..The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi =-.

  2. Tina,
    Thanks for answering my questions. It is really difficult to break from that dead end job, especially when there are no other options, the job market is a scary, scary place that is keeping people in those jobs they hate.

    It is great that you are keeping your writing going on your blog, not giving up on writing completely. Keep following your passion.

  3. 1. What inspires me is great people and their life’s work, seems to me the greatest thing in leaving something behind is a little bit of immortality

    2. I’m using the decent cooking skills I have to be a pretty well paid NY chef and make people happy with my food

    3. I’m a bit unhappy with not pursuing my athletic (pole vaulting) childhood dreams.

  4. Samantha,
    The thing I love most about the internet and this blog is the comments I receive. Yours is very cool. I’ve never met a pole vaulter before. I’m pretty sure I’d impale myself if I ever tried.

    Love your answers, very insightful. You are in NY, very nice, I’m heading there in August for Affiliate Summit East.

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