Do you Use To Do Lists?

Do you Use To Do Lists?
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I had myself an EBOOST yesterday and got very productive. I created a ton of to do lists before and during the demos that I was watching. As an idea hit me I wrote it down. My ideas are generally swirling all over the place and taking a moment to focus and get them out allows me to continue on and pay attention to the things I should be paying attention to, like sleep.

The to do lists really came in handy today while I was looking for something that I needed to do. I simply consulted the list and “bang” knocked off something simple but something that had been hanging over my head. I still have a ton of stuff to do to prepare for next weekend. I still haven’t gotten new business cards. I don’t know how that slipped away from me but it did. Then I’ve got to find the swag that I’m going to give to people at IZEAFest and I’m looking for related stuff. I can’t decide what to get though.

Next weekend I’m attending Affiliate Summit East. I was lucky enough to obtain a Platinum Pass from Missy Ward and my IZEA Insider Stipend will help pay for my hotel (I’m paying the $249 rate didn’t know about the $199 rate till too late, ugh (I say ugh because I could have done more if I got the lower rate, the hotel stay is chowing down on my stipend.) I’m still deciding how to get down to the show. I could drive my own car down and pay $48 a day plus tip to park in at the hotel, tip because it is most likely valet. That and you have to tip everyone, it seems, in the city. Or I could take the train down from Providence to Penn Station. That round trip ticket is $117.00. The nice thing about that is I could work and tweet and do other things as I rode down to New York and back again. But, once there I’d have to get a cab (I hate cabs) or take the subway over to the hotel. So between the parking at the train station for 3 days, train ticket, cab rides and tips (can’t forget those) It’ll probably cost me about the same. However, on the train I do have time to work and that is worth a lot. So I’m going to research the train option some more and figure out about that.

Tonight at midnight the Cloth Couture Cloth Diaper giveaway ends. I’m pretty happy with the turnout of people who have entered the contest. We’ll see who wins tomorrow.

Also don’t forget that I’m throwing the Ultimate IZEAFest Prize Pack Contest. Also sponsor for some of the great prizes for that contest, Market Leverage, is doing their own contest for Affiliate Summit. They are picking three lucky people to join me on a yacht. Well, not just me but many A-Listers from Affiliate Summit. I still haven’t gotten clothes for the trip, maybe tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “Do you Use To Do Lists?”

  1. I’ve developed my own special dashboard that controls everything I need for blogging, marketing, and social media networking.

    Just recently I added a To Do List application to it that lets me keep track of things I need to do and add notes to each item.

    I’m also working on a notebook and a bookmark feature, so I can house my bookmarks in the cloud without relying on a 3rd party tool.
    .-= Look at what Steven-Sanders wrote blog ..5 Ways To Make Your Writing Timeless =-.

  2. I used to constantly be making to-do lists. In fact, I didn’t feel ‘ready to function’ if I hadn’t made my list. Now, however, I’ve got SO much going on with three jobs, college, the dogs, the farm, and marriage that I’m lucky to find time to eat or sleep, let alone make my list. Isn’t that ironic – when my life gets most hectic I would probably need and benefit from the lists more… yet, can’t find time to make them 😉
    Steven-Sanders dashboard sounds really awesome, by the way.
    .-= Look at what Misty Dawn wrote blog ..Camera-Critters #69 =-.

  3. Misty Dawn,
    It is ironic that when you could use a list the most it is something that just gets in the way. I agree about Steven’s dashboard I’m going to check it out at IZEAFest.

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