Don’t Worry, I Didn’t Win Either

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Got a message from my Dad last night to see if I wanted to go to breakfast this morning. Sure, I love breakfast and hanging out with Dad. So I got up early and headed downstairs. I went into the bathroom and heard the sound of little feet get out of bed and come downstairs. I open the door to see Eva. She wanted to know why I was awake. I told Eva I was going to breakfast and she said she wanted to go to. I told her not this time. I told her that she should go back to bed. She went upstairs and I checked my email. Then I heard the feet again. Eva was back downstairs all dressed and ready to go, minus shoes of course. So I told her to grab shoes and socks and get back down and she can go with us.

We went over to our favorite breakfast place, Sweetworks. The food there is really good, especially the bacon. Eva got a pancake and a piece of my toast and bacon. I got a bacon and mushroom omelet with some home fries. Dad has a Western Omelet. Eva charmed the waitress again. We had a really nice breakfast and it was good to spend time with Dad. It was also good for Eva to spend some time with us too so I’m glad that she took the opportunity to get dressed and ready super quick to come along with us.

I finished reading Transformers: Exodus: The Official History of the War for Cybertron today. I found out about this because of the Transformers Prime show. The DVD set mentioned these books as a precursor to the show and since I was really deep into watching the show I wanted to read these books to learn more about how this history was being brought together. I like how it was done and I’m looking forward to reading the next book which is Transformers: Exiles. This will be the book that immediately precedes Transformers Prime the cartoon. I am interested in seeing how things get to where they begin on the show.

I’ve been picking up all the Transformers Prime figures and am still looking for Bulkhead, Starscream, Decepticon Drone, Knock Out and Break Down. That should be everyone that I’ve seen announced until the fourth wave of figures comes out and we get Ironhide. I can’t wait to see him show up on the show. The figure looks cool. I’d also like to see Sideswipe, Prowl and Jazz show up since they are featured in the first book, not sure about the second one.

So, today was the world’s largest lottery drawing. I bought two tickets and watched and waited for the inevitable. But it certainly is fun to dream about what you’d do with the money. What would you do if you won?

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One thought on “Don’t Worry, I Didn’t Win Either”

  1. as always I enjoyed breakfast also. Glad Eva joined us, I’m looking forward to the time when Andrew can join us. I didn’t win either. But the way I look at it. With the family I have I’m a winner every day I get out of bed. I got out for a ride on the Harley last night. What more can I ask for?

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