Dorkus Majorikus Fileikus

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I had been storing all of our Skylanders figure cards, sticker sheets and online codes in a Mr. Lid box. It has served us well so far but we’ve acquired so many Skylanders figures and accessories that we’ve outgrown the container and now it is time for something new. So I picked up a set of trading card protector sheets that fit in a standard 3 ring binder. We’ve got binders hanging around so I used one of those that has a clear cover that you can put a paper into so that the binder has a cover. I’ll color a Skylanders picture to put in that to complete the look.

I’ve added all of the cards for the figures that we have and left spaces for those ones that have not yet been released or those that I still have in the basement and have not opened. I was tempted to open them and take the cards so that the binder was more complete but I’ll wait and parcel these remaining figures out as we go. I did however place each on the portal so that I could unlock their Heroic Challenges in our Wii U version of the game and then used the Bluetooth portal to unlock the characters in Skylanders: Cloud Patrol, Lost Islands and Battle Grounds. Yep, a big dork.

I’ve always been a complete-ist in the things I’ve collected. Skylanders is no different. I’ve tried to collect everything that has come out. Within Reason of course, I’m not trying for those incredibly rare ones that are only in Europe or those that were only available to employees of Toys for Bob and such. But if it is fairly reasonable to find certain characters and collect them then I will do that. Looking at the listings on eBay for Skylanders I see a lot of cheats out there and that is sad because there are gullible people who will see a headline line Ultra-Rare for a figure that came standard in every Starter pack. I wish that you could leave comments on eBay auctions and point out these scammers. Makes me mad.

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3 thoughts on “Dorkus Majorikus Fileikus”

  1. Our kids are loving them. I picked up a regular Stealth Elf at Target this weekend (we’ve been looking for one since Christmas) – I was thinking about ordering a Legendary Stealth Elf online but the prices varied so much it was maddening, so I figured a regular plain Stealth Elf would have to do instead.

    1. Hi Loretta,

      I’d hold off on ordering legendary Stealth Elf because that will come flooding back to Toys R Us. There are still Legendary Trigger Happys at my TRU. The Legendary figures end up sticking around. I was looking through eBay last night and I can’t believe how many scams and misnamed figures are up. People saying that certain figures are rare and such. If I see a Legendary Stealth Elf at my TRU do you want me to grab it for you?

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