Downpours and Masks

Wear a Mask

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00542

Today it downpoured and that caused a few things that were already weird to get even weirder. Maybe weird is not the right word but things are different now at Church. Now we have Church in the parking lot at Saint Mary’s Church. Because of the impending downpour and the ominous clouds Mass was abbreviated. It went by so quickly and then Communion was handed out as we drove out. One of the strangest Masses ever.

After dinner we got pizza from La Strada. We were going to try and get their broasted chicken but apparently they don’t start the broaster until 6pm. So pizza it was. I was standing in the shop waiting for my pizza when the sky just opened up and rain poured down. So it was a good thing that Mass was so quick.

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