Dragon Tamer

Photo-A-Day #2701

Today we did a lot of running around. It was car fixing day so we had to drive over to our favorite garage Master Tech Automotive to drop my car for an oil change and then take Allison’s downtown to do a few things. We set Eva up with a savings account at TD Bank. They had a summer reading program where she got an initial $10 to put into her account. We had her put in another $20 and we’re starting to talk about an allowance. Then it was off to the other bank to put some money in Andrew’s account. Lots of flow of money today.

One of the places that we stopped as The Artful Phoenix. Eva loves the store and she used a little of her money for a princess necklace. She also organized the kids room and did a bunch of other things there. The place is a consignment shop for artists where they get some display space and have to help out a little each month too. They have some cool QR codes on the walls that link out to the artist’s sites and even to a cool YouTube video. Check it out.

While we were at The Artful Phoenix Andrew and I played with the wooden toys in the kids themed room. He seemed to really like the wooden dragon.

We switched the cars at 11 and then went over to the Mall for lunch and to look at the treadmills at Sears. We also stopped at Josh’s Toy Store and I was looking for BrickStix but could not remember the name. I know that they were at the store at one time but not there today and the person working there was not very helpful at all. I’d like to get some of these for our LEGO sets.

I did end up buying a Treadmill and it should be delivered on September 10. I have to get the area in the basement ready for that, so I have some work ahead of me. I also have to build my TrekDesk, too. Once that is all set up then my new work area will be used more for blogging and other projects. I’m looking forward to this very much.

We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting my parents. They got to see Andrew crawling all over the place. He’s moving fast these days all with an Army Crawl. Time to nail everything down.

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    1. Andrea,

      Yes, we’ve been meaning to ask for them back. He’s crawling off everywhere! He’s fast and determined to eat the cat’s food. 🙂

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