Dragonfly Summer

Photo-A-Day #2305

Saw this great Dragonfly after church today. It was buzzing around and around. It then landed on this plant and I was able to reboot my phone (I’m so sick of my DROID) and start it back up and then take the photo. So you can imagine that the dragonfly didn’t have anyplace to be. I’ve seen some great dragonflies this year and I think that once the house is settled I’ll take my kayak out and try to get some really nice Dragonfly photos.

Speaking of dragonflies I did see a poor dragonfly entangled in a spiderweb here at work. There are huge spiders outside our 4th floor windows. The women at work are all upset about them and want them cleaned off but they aren’t hurting anyone except for flies and a big old dragonfly. I say let them get fat on the big black flies around.

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