Drip, Drip, Drop

Photo-A-Day #1818

Today I posted my latest post over at Royal Tutorial. It was all about macro photography, something I want to do more of. On the way out of work I saw all the drops of water on some plants and I snapped today’s photo. I tried to get as close as possible. I didn’t have my macro lens though. Next time. I do like how it came out.

Rain has been happening all over the place. Flooding is insane around here. Our local library had a flood in the basement and the town hall is flooded as well. A state of emergency has been declared here in town too. But to the South in Rhode Island the whole State is in a state of emergency. Take a look at this insane video of the Warwick Mall.

Okay, I watched this video and was really impressed by the amount of water all over the place… until. Until, I see them save the lone security guard who was trapped in the mall when the flooding began. One of the rescuers gets out of the boat and the water is at his ankles. I had been impressed prior to that with all the water but at that point I was less impressed. I’m sure that there was much more water further out. It must have really sucked to be trapped in the mall all alone with it being flooded.

I’d have probably inflated a boat from Target or Sears and paddled my way all around the mall. Doug Flutie took the opportunity in the flooding to go Kayaking. That is the way to make the most out of the situation.

I’m worried about our favorite Cuban Restaurant Havana Cafe. They are right next to some major flooding. The restaurant is so small and in such a bad location for people to park but the food and atmosphere and people are fantastic.

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5 thoughts on “Drip, Drip, Drop”

  1. Fortunately, we were not affected by the floods, our house is on a hill and not near any river. But nearby towns got it bad.

    Watching the news is heartbreaking. On channel 4, this guy was literally crying. His family home got badly flooded, and his parents lost decades worth of family photographs and other mementos. They were more upset over that, than over losing items that can be easily replaced.

    I hope this is the end of it, these people have been through enough. Bad enough that many will have to wait forever for the insurance companies, or the government, to pay up so they can start to repair and rebuild.
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    1. Christine,
      I am amazed that the news media aired a story about someone losing something of real value. That is almost journalism. My heart does go out to everyone who was affected by these floods, this is so crazy, I can’t remember major flooding like this in the past years. It is nuts. I hope it is done as well.

  2. Seriously how awesome would it be to be trapped in a mall all by yourself. That is the stuff dreams are made of. You could camp out in REi, Have dinner at the food court watch a movie or just rollerblade around the place.

    You could even get a quick workout in on the treadmills.

    FYI the Doug Flutie in the Kayak clip was just stupid. Why did that make the news? Good for Doug for getting out shame on the media for showing it. Just dumb leave the guy alone he obviously did not want to be interviewed
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