Droid Does

Photo-A-Day #1694

This morning I got my Droid up and running. It was a simple matter of a phone call to Verizon. I don’t know why it didn’t work without their intervention but well, it didn’t. I also realized that I was signing in wrong to the My Verizon account and I got that fixed right away. I also figured out how to Import Contacts into Your DROID as well.

Today was a slow day for us because Eva was up at 1:00am and stayed up until 7:00pm tonight. Yeah it was rough, more rough for Allison because she stayed up with Eva. I went and tried but Eva screamed and screamed for Momma. And when she does her super loud scream it can wake people within a 5 mile radius. So I went back to sleep and Allison stayed up. So she was pretty exhausted today.

I worked on the family project and got that finished and passed it along to my sister to finish up. Then I did some shopping. I intended to take Eva with me but she wanted to nap (she ended up not napping though). I left and went to the comic book store and then to Stop and Shop. I took my DROID with me and used the GPS functions on it. I have a the official Droid holder for the car. You can suction cup it to the window or the dashboard. It worked great. As soon as I snapped the DROID into the holder it immediately went to GPS mode. I put in my destination and then proceeded to go my own way. The GPS did keep up however and recalculate my trip over and over so easily.

Came back home and we had a nice night together watching some movies and having some treats. A very nice evening.

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