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My friend Mike bought this Droid and I so want one. I’ve played with it a few times but am not convinced that this is the phone for me. I am on Verizon so that is a plus, however I don’t know if I really want to pay for a data plan and texting just so I can use all the features I want from this phone. Also I saw on Geek Brief.tv that this phone in the US does not have multitouch. The overseas versions do have this feature. I feel cheated already going into the deal.

What do you think? Do you have a Droid, are you an early adopter? What do you like/not like about the phone? Are you thinking of getting one?

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12 thoughts on “Droid”

  1. That is a good question. I am on Verizon and Melinda and I have the Blackberries butI still don’t really know what the benefits of the Droid are over the BB. Not sure if you saw it but about a week ago Chris Brogan did a review of the Droid and he mentioned that he liked it alot. You might want to check out his review if you have not already.
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    1. Rob,
      Thanks I caught Chris’ review. I’ve read quite a few of them in fact, just wondering overall if the price of the data plans will be worth getting this. I used one, the one above and liked it, I’d have to get used to the different keyboard layout but other than that pretty decent.

  2. I think the Android OS will be a good competitor to the iPhone in a couple of years, but you’re not taking my iPhone out of my hands until the ‘Droid can replace every app I’ve come to love on my iPhone.

    I’m just saying…
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    1. It’s tough to watch the rest of the world get features American phone companies can’t (or simply refuse to) offer.

      American communication suppliers need to step it up or their going to find themselves left in the dust by inventive internet steamrollers.

      1. Scott,
        It makes very little sense to turn off a feature like this since it is the same phone. I haven’t read about anyone jailbreaking the phone to turn on this feature yet and I agree with you our communication suppliers here in the US need to get us the features that the rest of the world is already using.

    2. Damien,
      I’d probably feel the same way had I been with AT&T. Since I am with Verizon I am leaning toward making the switch to Droid since it is a natural move up. Not sure if it would ever replace every app but there are quite a few available.

    1. Hi Sunil,
      I use the Comment Love feature so you’ll get a link, no need to add others in the comments. They can often be seen right away as spam to me but I caught it before I hit delete spam.

      What was nice about the post? What did you like about it? Any thoughts on the Droid?

  3. I really need something like this but I am skeptical to go with the droid, it is unproven but I do think it looks like a good choice with verizon. I did hear that verizon was getting the iphone soon but who knows, I like the Droid but it is quite big compared to the iphone.
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    1. Hi Charlotte,
      I keep hearing Verizon/iPhone and honestly I’m sick of waiting for empty air. I’ll be getting the Droid for my next two year stint and I really like the capabilities and uses of it. Last night I saw someone film all of Gary Vaynerchuk’s talk at the Crush It Book Signing with a droid on qik and that was pretty impressive.

  4. Hey Drew,

    I had a G1 a few months ago. It was a great phone– once I flashed it back to an older version of the android OS so that I could upgrade it with the Jesusfreak(name of package) OS for it. That gave me multitouch, control over the number and orientation of the desktop orientation, and improved camera control, turned an okay phone into a great one. Negatives- battery drains quick with any accessory features running, camera lense tense to get broken because the protective pad isn’t big enough
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    1. Hi Joe,
      My phone arrived but I can’t activate it right now, so irritating. I bet there are some apps that will jailbreak the multi-touch.

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