Share your Easter Traditions and Win a Picnic Basket from Catholic Central


We are working with with Catholic Central to bring you another giveaway. Easter is one of the most celebrated and cherished holidays and we’re super excited to partner with Catholic Central to celebrate this time of new life and transformation. This time it is 1- Wicker Basket w/Cutlery, Plates, 2 Wine Glasses, Tableware, Fleece Blanket and more! that Catholic Central supplied to us for a giveaway. Opinions are our own.

What are your Easter traditions? Do you go to see family and share a meal? Do you go to church all dressed up in nice clothes? Do you have an Easter Egg hunt? We do those things each year and have a wonderful time doing it. I started way, way back not only putting candy into the Easter eggs but also putting Hot Wheels cars, little robots and all sorts of collectible tiny toys. The kids really enjoyed that and those lasted longer than the chocolate and eggs. I love watching the kids search for eggs all around the house or the yard. When they were little and had giant baskets that they could barely lift empty let alone with eggs it was adorable.

With their eggs

Easter is a wonderful family holiday and I make sure to take off that day every year so that I can enjoy our time together. Whether we head to Cape Cod or stick around home we attend Mass and have our egg hunt. Two traditions that we never miss. Catholic Central put together this downloadable tip sheet to help make your Easter the best ever.

 photo Easter-_DL_zps2ivif4ms.png

The Kids at Easter

Catholic Central would like to know what your traditions are. They would also like to give you a picnic basket. You can see that basket here in this video.

And you can enter the giveaway here. Giveaway open to the US only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You have questions about the Catholic faith and what it means to be Catholic. We have answers. Using a team of witty writers, appealing hosts, and even some learned theologians, we’ve created shareable, snackable videos that teach the timeless truths and deep history of the Church with humor and heart. Produced in the Family Theater Productions studios on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, CATHOLIC CENTRAL entertains, enlightens and inspires.

For more on Catholic Central Visit them at:

and check out their YouTube Channel:

Here is one of the Catholic Central videos about Easter Traditions.

And as a Catholic you might want to learn more about Lent before it is over.

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18 thoughts on “Share your Easter Traditions and Win a Picnic Basket from Catholic Central”

  1. My family always dyes eggs, has a traditional Easter meal and we all go to the spring fling festival hosted by my neighborhood moms club.

  2. The Easter Bunny comes to my parents house and hides eggs with candy and coins. We have the family over for dinner and if it’s nice there is some pool time

  3. My favorite Easter tradition is eating lots of candy! I accidentally put the wrong social media account under follow Ben Sparks.

  4. Our family attends church, has a huge egg hunt and then a massive dinner complete with champagne ham and all the yummy side dishes.

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