Eat Your Greens – PAD #1006

Photo-A-Day #1006

Had a great pizza for lunch at Fat Tony’s in Kalamazoo, MI. Found that I was an hour away from Postie Elizabeth. And I had tons of time where I could have popped in to say hello.

On the road again and headed to Kansas City.

I really wish that my camera was working because I saw the most amazing sky over Kansas city. The sky was lit up with the setting sun the moon was a sliver of light and the smoke trails from the planes taking off from the airport just made everything look amazing. My camera phone could not capture it at all.

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7 thoughts on “Eat Your Greens – PAD #1006”

  1. I only ate half but it was a large meal none the less. Very tasty. But mad nasty burps afterwards, pepperoni and jalepenos, yikes.

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