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Photo-A-Day #2498

Allison and I have realized something. We need to get out of the house to accomplish things together. We had to bring my car to get an oil change so we all went to drop Eva at school. We went to Target after that and we were going to go to Stop & Shop too but I went later on my own. Anyway, while at Target we put together the shopping list and talked about things that we have to get done at the house. For some reason while in the house we just find things to do or clear out on the DVR. Mostly the DVR thing.

Andrew, for his part slept very well while we shopped. We’re looking for a new TV. We took a look at the selection at the store and I think we might end up with a decent sized one if we can find it for a decent price. Each February I get a bonus from work. We think of all that we want to use it for all year long and when we get it in our account it is pretty much already spent. We slashed the amount of credit card debt that we have plus a few more things including the new computer but there is more that we’re interested in doing.

Things to do would be mostly in our living room. We need new couches. Our love seat is still in decent shape but that is because it becomes a place for the laundry and is seldom sat upon by company. I’m not complaining but it has been long enough with these couches. That is why we went over to Bob’s Store the other day, Eva is going to get a job there. She went and showed us all around the building. All the sales associates were so impressed with her too. We just let her go around and show us what she wanted to show us. She had fun doing it and it sort of tired her out, which we liked.

The only sofa that we are interested in has pull out drawers under the sofa. Great for storage. It will most likely be another thing for me to obsessively organize only to have it turn to chaos again

I think of that because tonight I organized Eva’s toys. I also got rid of some things. Early on we bought her some cheap plastic food. Since that time she’s gotten some really great Melissa & Doug sets with wooden play food. We also have two sets to send back to the store and get some more. So, because we are upgrading her toys to higher quality stuff we just wanted to clean out the garbage. I hope that she doesn’t notice tomorrow.

I also organized a whole bunch of other things so that we had some space for Andrew’s toys as well. We’ve got a few of them so far and there are many of Eva’s toys that we put away for him to play with later. We’ve got some time before his toys invade the space as well.

Today around 4am I finally finished reading the entire Sword of Truth Series. I’m not even sure how many years that this epic story has been a part of my life but finishing it sort of left a hole. I’m not even sure how many years the story covered but it felt like a hundred years. Reading it a few pages at a time before I went to sleep for work made the progress very slow going. But when I got down to the last 60 pages I was fully awake, at 4:30am and tearing through the pages. The end was in sight and then when it was over it was like saying goodbye to friends who had been with you for years. You know that they are going to be okay, finally and now everyone needs to move on.

So now I have a choice, what to read next. I am going to review a book about blogging and I probably should read that as a palette cleanser before I start on Game of Thrones, Inheritance or Neptune’s Son. Neptune’s son is on my night table. Game of Thrones is on my Kindle and I don’t own Inheritance yet. So maybe before an epic I will read one of the other books first.

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