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Oh man there has been so much going on with entertainment lately. I just can’t keep up so here is everything at once.

Allison and I finished all 4 books of the Percy Jackson series. This was a worthy successor to Harry Potter as far as something fun to read. The book is 100% American in its bent and I loved it. Percy in my opinion is also a much better hero than Harry. There I said it. Percy isn’t all mopey and Percy knows that his friends are the people who will help him get through. Harry took too much upon himself and that is where he failed in my opinion. The books were not only well written but they had such amazing descriptions for all the Greek gods and goddesses. This series made me want to take out my mythology books form college and reread them to check for accuracy and the books were pretty accurate from my memory of the myths. The stories were funny, exciting and kept my interest. I wish we didn’t have to wait for the next one to come out.

The four books are.


Hellboy –
I purchased the Hellboy DVD to get a free movie pass. Allison and I watched it the other night. It was good and it came with a digital copy of the movie. I am looking at cutting back on the number of DVD’s that I have and was thinking of doing a contest to give away the movie. Do you think anyone would be interested in the copy of the movie that was shown once and has a digital copy for your PSP or Playstation 3?

The Watchmen
The trailer for this much anticipated movie is now online. I read the graphic novel in college and it was okay. Maybe I didn’t get it but I don’t get all the major hype over this. I much preferred Rising Stars, which I suppose The Watchmen paved the way for. You can see the Watchmen trailer here.


Angel Season 6
Season 6? Yep, season six was done in comic book form and it is fantastic. I read all nine issues that I had last week and got issue #10 yesterday. I still need to read that one. There is some pretty amazing stuff in the book. Many characters from different episodes are there and it is great to see so many of them.


Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
Are you loving Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. I am. I bought the 3 episodes for my iPod. I will be able to watch that over and over. So funny. Go to the website and check out the online comic too. Very funny.

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2 thoughts on “Entertainment updates…”

  1. So overall Percy Jackson is better? I’ve never read or watched Percy Jackson but I have the Harry Potter series and I found them to be of high entertainment. The Percy Jackson series also contains comedy? Well they sound like a very good read from your description.
    .-= Look at what Sam wrote blog ..Killshot =-.

    1. Hi Sam,
      I did think that Percy Jackson was a much better read, I liked the character of Percy much more than Harry. Harry was a bit of a whiner in my opinion.

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