Equip: May’s New Loot Crate

Photo-A-Day #2967

I received the latest Loot Crate today. May’s theme is Equip and in the famous words from the original Legend of Zelda, “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!”. In the beginning of the game Link is given a sword from an old man in a cave and that is what the old man says to Link. It has since become a meme. There were some fun things in this month’s crate. The standout for me was the Super Marios Bros question box full of coin candies. I recorded a quick video and uploaded it through the phone so I apologize if it is not up to the level of my other videos.

I get my Loot Crate’s sent to me so that I can review them and share my unboxing with you. What I think of them is what I say and those opinions are 100% my own.

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