Eric Schechter is Clickman!

Photo-A-Day #1985

Today I received a couple of the 2010 Clickmen from ClickBooth. My friend Eric Schechter is their Social Media guy and he sent them along with a couple of shirts.

Eric saw a Photo-A-Day of mine where Eva was wearing an IZEA “I Love Geeks” Shirt but she was holding on to a SuperClickman in her right hand. Eagle eyes of Murray Newlands the Famous Blogger spotted the Clickman and tagged Eric in my photo. Eric got our address and sent out this package of fun stuff for the family. Eva loves her new “Eric Schechter” model Clickman. I opened it up and immediate images of Eric in his sportcoat and T-shirt were conjured up. What a great thing to have a fun little figure based on yourself. I love it! Thanks Eric.

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5 thoughts on “Eric Schechter is Clickman!”

  1. Nice! Glad the package made it there safe and sound and that Eva is enjoying them 🙂

    Your post actually made me laugh because the original intention was not to make that an “Eric Schechter” Clicky, just a version of himself with a great sense of style and fashion. But I guess what better way to achieve that then to model it after the best dressed Social Media Manager in the space? 😉

    See you at BlogWorld!

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