Eureka: Bad to the Drone

It is great to see Eureka back. We are quickly caught up on what happened last season and then we jump right into the new season. Henry is in jail, GD is in hot water and Carter is not happy that Zoe wants a job at Cafe Diem. Jo and Zane are still together and Allison is contemplating the proposal she got from Nathan. The only person that I missed hearing about was Taggart. I certainly hope he is still around.

I only watched this the other night on Hulu because Sci-Fi on our cable is screwed up and the screen jumps. Thank goodness for And I am a week behind on my Eureka watching. I’ll have to watch last night’s episode soon.

There was a twofold crisis this week. First GD has been eating up money like crazy so the government has sent in a corporate “Fixer” this woman is going to make things run more efficiently. However we see at the end that she may have her own agenda as well. Looks like the “Fixer” will be around for a while.

The other crisis was a rogue drone that has become way too smart. There is a guy at GD who makes drones and has for years. His drones always fail because of the restrictions that are placed on them for the testing parameters. His wife had had enough so she modified a drone to be a “super” drone. That drone, “Martha” became self aware and also a petulant teenager. So of course the drone bonds with Zoe.

In the end Carter, Stark, Allison and even Fargo band together to save the day. It is also a show of strength and solidarity against “The Fixer”. Also at the end Carter plays some chess with Henry (in prison) and Henry says something that is a bit foreboding about some things cannot be forgiven. He still holds a deep grudge against Carter.

It looks like the season is going to be a good one and I look forward to more episodes.

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  1. All your video things are US only. I’m in Ontario and can’t see anything but a message telling me they are UScentric.

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  2. Laura,
    Sorry to hear that. Wish I could do something about it. I was unable to watch Hulu wen I was in London, that is why I am so far behind.

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