Eva and I Watch TedTube

Watching TedTube with a cranky toddler isn’t always the best idea, but Eva does recognize Ted Murphy and even does his patented tongue out maneuver.

ted was announcing the winner of the Manta Mania contest. We didn’t win. Oh well. At least we are going to Sea World for IZEAFest 2009.

Video shot on my Flip Mino HD that I recently customized with a Skinit.com skin.

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6 thoughts on “Eva and I Watch TedTube”

  1. Trevor,

    Thanks very much. It took a long time to get her to associate Ted with sticking her tongue out now she sees ted on the computer and does it right away. Of course sometimes it takes some prompting. She’s very excited to go to SeaWorld for IZEAFest too.

  2. Mo,
    We can’t wait to see you either. I hope we can catch up at least once in May when we are down. If not October’s gonna be a tough wait.

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