Eva’s Birthday Week has Begun

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Today when I came home from work Allison’s parents were at the house. They are staying with us for a few days as they are up from Florida for a mini vacation to visit with the family. They arrived last night after I had left for work and Eva was so excited to have them come and stay with us. So when I got home we had a small party with Halloween themed chocolate donuts with orange sprinkles on them. Then I got some rest before more family members arrived for lunch. Today would be a day full of visits, good food and laughter.

When I woke up I went out to sweep the back patio and found that Grandpa Dano did it while I was asleep. Then I went to mow the lawn before Great Grandpa Bob, Great Grandma Jackie and Great Grandma Eva arrived. As I walked out the door they pulled up. I’d mow later. Grandpa Bob pulled a Disney Princess bicycle out of the back of their minivan. Helmet in hand he brought it to Eva. She was so excited. We put on her helmet and then Eva and I rode around the backyard. I held the seat or the handlebars and pushed her around the yard. She got a big kick out of this activity so I think that she is over the bicycle debacle earlier this week.

We had a delicious Irish Stew for lunch. Eva entertained us throughout the meal and afterwards she opened some presents and we had some Apple Crisp and ice cream. We also showed the grandparents and great-grandparents Eva’s dance recital DVD. It was so funny to see that again. Eva was so cute.

Mimi and Dano, Great-Grandma Eva and Allison made a bunch of Swedish Meatballs for dinner and to freeze for meals for when the baby arrives. Our dishwasher and kitchen sink was going most of the day. Tomorrow Mimi and Dano are going to make Stromboli and baguettes.

Great-Grandpa Bob, Great-Grandma Jackie and Great-Grandma Eva headed home and Eva introduced Mimi and Dano to How To Train Your Dragon. I mowed the lawn and found a hole dug from under the wall next door. It was right at the spot where the little garden fair lives. Whatever dug the hole got into the yard and knocked it over. I filled the hole back in and continued to work on the lawn. Later Dano found a full sized power bar on the front steps. Strange. Very Strange.

Our friend Aunt Dot came down for dinner and we enjoyed those Swedish meatballs and then we enjoyed a birthday cake for Eva’s birthday. We had a very nice day and it kicked off Eva’s birthday week.

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    1. I’ll pass along the birthday wishes Tanya. I think this will be a wonderful birthday week for Eva. And yes, it has started off nicely.

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