Eva’s First Day of Kindergarten

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Life as we know it is completely changed. My daughter has started full day school. She starts Kindergarten at the same school that I went to from grade 2-8. I am so glad that she is going there. I think it will be so good for her and that she will thrive there. She is so excited to go, too.

He's not happy that she is leaving.

Andrew isn’t as thrilled that Eva is heading off to school. He is going to be a little lost while she is gone each day, but then at the same time he’ll get a little extra attention from us. He was okay today because we brought Eva directly into the playground to the Kindergarten area. They keep the Kindergartners separate and have parents and teachers there plus older students to supervise and help them before they go in for the day ahead.

Mom and Daughter

Allison got Eva a very special necklace. It is actually two necklaces, one for Allison and one for Eva. Allison’s is a large heart with a heart shaped hole in it and Eva’s is a small heart the same size as the heart shaped hole in Allison’s necklace. It is a very special mother/daughter necklace.

After drop off we went over to Cerrone GMC because today we were going to go get the new car. Unfortunately the car we wanted got sold over the weekend. The good news was that they had another car in silver . So we did all the paperwork and found out that we had to come back the next day to pick up the car. Doh.

Walking Home from School
Photo by Allison

We picked up Eva after school and were joined by my parents and my sister. Then visited with them for a little while. Eva wanted a special dinner for her first day of school so we went over to House of Fortune for a great celebration dinner. It was a nice end to a nice day.

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  1. I have passed the baton to my granddaughter as this is the first year in 28 consecutive years that I have not been marked present in school! Best of luck to Eva! I am so proud of her! She will always be Miss Super Bee in my eyes!

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