Eva’s Footsteps

Evas Footsteps
Photo-A-Day #1737

Today we took Eva to visit her Great-Grandparents on Allison’s side. First we visited Grandpa Bob and Grandma Jackie and there Eva entertained them with her antics. We were joined by Allison’s brother Nate and his wife Sarah and their daughter. Having the two kids in the same room was a joy to us all. We were later joined by Allison’s Aunt Jan and Uncle Jim. It was a really nice afternoon and after lunch and some snacks we headed over to see Allison’s other Grandparents John and Eva.

Eva really enjoys the chance to spend time with her extended family and they adore her. Also, with two kids under three around the Great-Grandparents are so excited. Eva is also really interested in her little cousin. She gives her hugs and kisses and every night she is part of Eva’s prayers. Each of the girls received some beautiful clothes and at least two of the outfits were matching ones. It will be cute to see them both together in those outfits when the weather gets better. It will be nice seeing these girls grow up together. Eva’s cousin is a year and a half younger and can now sit up on her own. Soon she’ll be chasing after Eva and there will be two running screaming laughing and giggling little girls entertaining us with their antics.

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    1. Deborah,
      She is a lucky little girl because when she was born she had 8 of them, she has 7 now but she did get to meet them all.

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