Even More Skylanders for your iOS Device – Lost Islands

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With the release of Skylanders Giants there are two additional games for the iPhone and iPad. There was already Skylanders Cloud Patrol, which recently got an upgrade to include a few more characters from Skylanders Giants plus all new daily showdowns, so even more to keep that game interesting. There is also an upcoming game called Skylanders Battlegrounds which is going to be around $40 but comes with 3 Skylanders (including Royal Double Trouble) and a bluetooth portal of power plus a Platinum Treasure Chest. Not sure if we’ll be getting that kit but it sounds like it might be a fun game. So at this count there are 3 iOs games, an online game, 2 games for Wii, 3DS, XBox and Playstation respectively. Wow! There are now collectible cards from Topps as well. But the game I’m talking about today is Skylanders Lost Islands.

This game is free for the iOS. It is basically a resource management game where you can import your existing Skylanders to perform a bunch of tasks. Your task is to rebuild the mysterious Lost Islands. You do this by building housing for the Mabu, the race of mole people from the Skylanders games. You send your Skylanders on adventures, to break up Troll encampments and to handle sheep mobs. If you don’t have a particular Skylander that is okay just enter all of the ones that you have and then for every 5 levels you progress you get a free Skylander to play in the game. I loaded all of my Skylanders onto my iPhone but on my iPad I just took the free ones that I got by playing the game. Both ways are fun and you certainly don’t have to be collecting the figures to play the game. This is a Freemium model game in which there are in app purchases but you don’t need them, just a little bit of patience and you can do anything you need to in order to finish the quests. It is a fun and addictive little game too.

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