Evo Conference 2011 Day Three

Photo-A-Day #2283

On the third day of Evo Conference I was up super early and ready to go and represent my personal sponsor Legacy Learning’s Learn and Master Photography. I got down to the lobby and ran into Amy Allen Johnson, one of the most awesome people ever. Amy told me that the Meet and Treat was yesterday. For some reason I had Saturday in all my correspondence but the day changed and I didn’t realize it. However Amy helped me get some good time to talk with bloggers and gather entrants into the giveaway that I did with the Legacy Learning products that I was promoting. I had two copies of the Learn and Master Photography course. I also had One of Ballroom Dancing, Gibson’s Guitar, Piano and Painting. I had a bunch of great people come up and have their photo taken with Eva’s Giraffe. I asked each person to name the giraffe and had them each take a photo with the giraffe.

Here is my Complete EvoConf 2011 Flickr Set

Some really fun people came and talked to me and five of them won Legacy Learning, Learn and Master DVD sets. I tweeted out photos of all the winners with their prizes. They were: @MyBayBah who won Learn and Master Piano, @Childhood who won Learn and Master Painting, @Superdumb won Learn and Master Photography, @AmyAllenJohnson won Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar and @zipporahs won Learn and Master Ballroom Dancing.

But what about that Second Learn and Master Photography set? More on that Later.

After I met with people who entered the Legacy Learning giveaways I sat in on a vlogging session and picked and tweeted the winners. When that session was over lunch was served and it was by McDonalds. We had their Asian Chicken Salad and the fruit and yogurt package. There were also cookies on hand. On all the tables There were McDonalds Arch cards that were $10. Sweet. They also had a bunch of toys from Happy Meals. My friend Naomi gave me a Batman toy, Eva is going to be so excited!

When lunch was over I went back up to the Kodak Suite and picked up two PYNK frames. PYNK frames are very cool. You buy the frame and then scan it on the kiosk, the layout of the frame comes up and you put your photos in the correct spaces. When the photos print out they fit perfectly into the multi-windowed frames, so very cool. Yesterday the internet was down but when it came back up my friends at Kodak picked some of my photos of Eva and made me two great PYNK frames.

I then hopped the Orange Bubble for a second day in a row in order to attend the Photography Workshop. I enjoyed the workshop very much. I learned even more photography tips. My favorite presenter was Jenny Cisney from Kodak because she had a really offbeat and cool way of approaching inspiration in photography. I love that Kodak sponsors these events and sends the great team from Kodak.

After the four photography speakers spoke we were able to go and walk around and shoot. I decided that I’d taken enough landscape photos so I went for a smaller focus. I went for taking macro shots. I put my +1 and +4 lens filters from ZEIKOS on my 28-70 lens. I then took a bunch of photos of the mountain flowers including today’s photo-a-day image. Couldn’t tell you what it is but I love the colors.

While I was talking photos I met Victoria Saley and she needed a little help with her DSLR. We talked for a while about our blogs and I knew that she’d be a perfect person who would love a copy of Legacy Learning’s Learn and Master Photography. I had the second one with me and gave it to her before she headed back down the mountain. I then headed back down the mountain myself and then took a short break. Then I went to the final keynote with Me Ra Koh. She was incredible, had an amazing story and is so talented. She was very inspiring and we even got copies of her newest book. She got a standing ovation at the end of her talk, well deserved.

After the final keynote we went up the mountain on the Gondola. I rode up with a couple of very nice women. We made it to the WOW point of the ride, seriously there is a part where you cross a huge chasm and there is a sign on the lift tower that said “WOW”. As soon as we got to that point the wind really picked up and when we got to the middle of the chasm the lift stopped abruptly, we bounced up into the air about ten feet. You could see the difference between the wires. It was nuts. We all laughed like crazy, and with crazy fear too.

We got up the mountain safely and the rain began to come down. Everywhere around us was blue skies but at the Red Pine lodge it was very cloudy and raining. However the sun came back out and so did a Double Rainbow. I was able to get a few shots of it with my Kodak PlayTouch and the wide angle magnetic lens.

today was a great day and the end of another amazing conference. I can’t wait to come back to Utah and enjoy this again.

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