Evo Conference 2011 Day Two

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Day Two of Evo Conference 2011 kicked off with a BootCamp workout. The BootCamp workout was sponsored by New Balance and led by Holly Perkins. I had never done a bootcamp class before and I enjoyed it. I wasn’t the best in the class but I didn’t do terribly either. I was using the New Balance Minimus shoes and they were great for this type of workout. I later picked up a pair of these for Allison and a second pair for myself. Holly was a great instructor, very motivating. I’m glad that New Balance was a sponsor of Evo Conference this year, it added something very special to the event.

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When I came back from BootCamp I stopped by breakfast and saw the folks from Bush’s Beans. They sponsored Evo Conference last year and this year as well. Last year they had a great cookout dinner but had no baked beans. I tweeted about them and asked them if they would have baked beans this year. I guess I tweeted a bunch about this and they got to know who I was. So when they realized who I was they told me that they had a special package for me later tonight at the dinner that they were sponsoring. I got a bunch of free coupons and will be buying all of the Bush’s Grilling Beans.

This afternoon we had the opportunity to pick a workshop. I picked the Food and Photography workshop. I enjoyed a delicious lunch on the mountain. What an amazing meal. We tried out all the food and then went inside and learned how to shoot the food properly. Helene Dujardin of Tartelette was our host and an amazing food photographer. She taught us some great tricks to shoot food really well.

The group was actually split into two with one half doing the photography first and the other half of the group prepared the food that we’d be shooting. The food that we prepared was the food that we ate at the beginning of workshop. The food was incredible and one of my favorite parts of the meal was a flatbread pizza with little necks and bacon. The flatbread pizza was grilled and I got to do the grilling. I’m looking forward to making grilled flatbread pizzas on the grill at home.

I was tired so I went back down the mountain and took a little nap before I went to the Bush’s Beans party. When I got there the folks from Bush’s gave me a fun package that included a stuffed “Duke” dog. Duke is the dog from the Bush’s Beans commercials. He’s in a disguise including glasses and a mustache. I also got a small apron which is a perfect size for Eva and more Bush’s Beans coupons. Can’t wait to cook with Eva where she can wear her apron.

I hung out and then went up the mountain with three of the women attending the conference including my friend Kim Janacko of Collective Bias. We rode the ski lift all the way to the top of the mountain and there we got off and took a bunch of photos. When we came back down I took the bus back to the hotel and called it an early night. Another busy day ahead tomorrow.

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