EvoConf Photography Session

EVO Workshop: Photography

While at The Evolution of Women in Social Media Conference I took part in the Photography hands on Session. The session was lead by Aimee Giese (@GreebleMonkey), Casey Mullins (@Mooshinindy), Jennifer Cisney (@KodakCB) and Jen Lemen (@jenlemen). The photography session took place at the Red Pine Cabin, a short 12 minute gondola ride up the mountain. The group meet in the upper room of the lodge and we were introduced to each person and their shooting styles as well as their tips and tricks. There were giveaways of cameras and also great photo tip cards from Kodak. After the panel discussion portion we went outside and took a photowalk around the area. I decided to go with Aimee’s group and immediately asked her about shooting out in bright sunlight because it was a bright day and a skill that I think is my weakest.

Aimee was very helpful to me and armed with that new knowledge I walked around with more confidence to shoot the great scenery and have fun doing it. The photowalk portion was not nearly long enough but it was still fun. I added my photos to Flickr as part of the Evo’10 set with the tag “Evo Workshop Photography”. Please visit and let me know what you think of the photos.

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11 thoughts on “EvoConf Photography Session”

    1. Aimee,
      Thank you. You did a great job at the session and I’d love to photowalk with you again. I could learn so much. thanks. I will now look into what Greeblepix is all about and you will see an entry from me.

    1. Niri,
      It was great to meet you in person and get to talk a little, not nearly enough. I signed up for my Blogher account and added you as a friend. Looking forward to catching up back here at home.

    1. Samantha,

      It was great to meet you and Robert. I am very glad that you guys choose the view over the tent. The photo workshop was a lot of fun. I should have stuck with other people on that one and not gone on my own, I hardly have any photos of myself form the conference but I love the one you took of me at breakfast.

  1. I didn’t go to Evo but I’m interested to hear what you learn about shooting in the bright Sun. I’m a family travel blogger and we typically are out and about in mid-day. (you know how it goes with little kids) So I would love to hear the tips about how to shoot better in the bright light.

    1. Amy,
      Shooting while in bright sun is all about controlling the light. Are you shooting with the manual settings on or automatic?

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