Extended Christmas

Photo-A-Day #1723

Eva in her new coat and hat that she got from Memere. It is a 3T and a little big on her but she looks adorable in it. She did love wearing it yesterday when we went to visit Allison’s extended family in New Hampshire.

We went up to visit some family friends first and then over to Allison’s Uncle and his girlfriend. Allison’s grandparents were there and her uncle’s kids were coming up to visit as well. We had a packed house and lots of good food. Allison’s brother and sister-in-law were there with their daughter. She is about 5 months old and so very cute. I took many pictures of her with Eva and also with Allison’s grandparents. We had a wonderful time visiting.

On the way home we stopped and visited another family friend. They have a little grandchild so Eva had tons of toys to play with too. They had a little inflatable ball pit and she loved playing with it. The static built up so much that her hair was standing on end. We got in late and I was so wiped I went right to bed. Or rather we sat up with Eva while she watched a Charlie Brown Christmas. Then I went to bed.

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