Blogger Family Night at Launch Trampoline Park Rhode Island & GIVEAWAY

Eva and Andrew at Launch
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Our trip to Launch Trampoline Park was sponsored. Our family received 1.5hr jump time, Laser tag game, Food discount coupon, & Jump Socks. We also received 2 passes to give away and a discount code to share with our readers. Opinions are our own

I personally have never been to a Launch Trampoline Park. Andrew and Allison have gone before and they enjoyed it. Andrew loves to run around and jump and have fun. I was very excited about this night because it isn’t often that we can do things as a whole family. Often it is just for me to attend a blogger event. I am very happy that my friend Nicky from Playing All the Way set this up and made it so that the whole family could go. There were a bunch of other bloggers and their kids there as well so there were lots of kids for Andrew and Eva to play with.

There are a ton of things to do inside Launch. There is an arcade if you’d like to play video games or try your luck at chance games. They even have a huge two person Space Invaders game. That looked like a lot of fun, old school style.

Beyond the arcade is the trampoline area. However, there aren’t just a bunch of trampolines, there are other things to do as well. There is an obstacle course called The Challenger. There are actually three levels of this, easy, middle and hard. The middle one is actually pretty hard and a well known Patriots player only got through half of that one. So, I’d say it was hard to complete. Eva and Andrew took turns on the easy one over and over. Eva worked so hard and almost did the whole thing. Andrew did what he did and still enjoyed himself immensely.

Ninja Girl

There were a ton of trampolines. There was a whole room full of them including a spot where you could bound and land on a huge mat that had tons of foam blocks underneath. There as a trampoline dodge ball area and a spot to try and slam dunk a basketball.

There was also an area where kids could try and challenge each other using jousting poles. Andrew and Eva jouosted a couple of times, I jousted Andrew once and then Eva jousted Nicky’s son, Lucas and this was their exchange.

hey were seriously so cute together. I don’t think that either one really wanted to go all out on the other and their exchange was very polite. Lucas also happens to be heavy into social media as well and he follows me on Instagram. I brought him a Rocket Raccoon Hot Wheels car that I had a double of. It wasn’t the Mario one that he was looking for but he liked it just the same. He and I even took a selfie together. It was funny, we were goofy. He’s a good kid.

Haha just met @benspark thanks .Were at the event for @launchri

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Bouncing and Battle pits weren’t the end of all the fun to be had, there was also a rock climbing wall that Andrew enjoyed using. He did a great job on it. I think he’d like going to a full on rock climbing gym where you can use shoes and get a better grip on the rocks. I wan’t able to try because my feet just can’t be on anything without shoes. I was nervous about being only in socks the whole time but my feet didn’t end up hurting too bad over all. The socks that they provided were quite grippy so that was cool and there were some areas where the floor was springy and bouncy, too.

Laser Tag

I think the thing that the whole family really enjoyed was Fury, the Laser Tag Experience. That was so much fun. I have never done laser tag before and I really enjoyed it. We were on the team that won and I ended up getting second place in the points. I was one of the people who were defending the base. I picked off everyone from a distance and laughed maniacally when I did. Andrew also had an amazing time and the only time that he got a bit melty was when we ended up not doing laser tag a second time. I’ll know for the next time to make sure and do it at least twice.

Great Pizza

Launch also has food for sale and it isn’t just stale cardboard pizza. No, their food service is called Krave and you can create your own pizza that is made fresh to order. We had an excellent pepperoni pizza. I was curious about their Bavarian pretzel as well and almost ordered one. I probably should have because it was huge and looked great! Food is also reasonably priced and comparable to getting pizza out at a pizza shop They even have a gluten free option.

Andrew Working it

We had an excellent time at Launch Trampoline Park over on 920 Bald Hill Road Warwick, RI 02886. It is a place that we would definitely return to in the future. If you would like to got there then please use my discount code for 10% off your visit. The code is BENSPARK10 and you can go to to book your trip. the Code is good until May 1st!

Launch Ri Passes

I also have a pair of Launch passes for Launch Trampoline Park. You can enter to win them by leaving a comment below. I will pick a random winner on Friday April 6, 2018. You must be local and close enough to the Trampoline Park to win.

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