Father’s Day Gadget Wish List from Walmart

I was asked to go to Walmart and check out what they had for electronics for Father’s Day. Before I went there I took a look at the site the Walmart Father’s Day electronics page. I wanted to see what might be on sale and get some ideas on what I might want to add to my own Father’s Day wish list.

I don’t really have a Father’s Day wish list. Let me rephrase that. We’re on a budget and buying a house so I don’t have a formal Father’s Day wish list but there are some things that I’d really like if we weren’t on a budget or buying a house and every penny is going towards all things house related. Although….

For the past seven years my wife has turned to me at times when I’ve complained about the size of our TV and stated. “You can buy a new TV when you buy me a house.” Well, Father’s Day is June 19 and we close on that house on June 20th so I may just have to look at what should go on that Father’s Day Wish list after all.

I want an internet enabled big screen TV, something that is double the size of our existing TV. A TV I don’t have to squint at from across the room. Walmart carries many of the major brands too. I saw TVs from Sony, VIZIO, Samsung and one of my favorites, LG. I like how the website has a bunch of great info including videos to help you make better informed purchasing decisions.

A Wide Selection of major brands in TVs

The other thing that I want when we buy this house is an outdoor grill. I want a big grill with huge cooking area surface and multiple burners and I want it shiny and new. I’ll be doing pretty much all of the grilling and have even been known to grill in the winter on occasion. Well, on that same page with the electronics there is a link to other items that are great for Dads including grills. An if I can’t decide between gas or charcoal there are even grills that let you do both. That way you can really do an amazing side by side comparison and answer definitively which burger tastes better, gas or charcoal.

I’m seriously considering this grill, I want to know which is better for myself

Gadgets are a mainstay for the dads in our lives. I’ve gotten quite a few of them for my own Dad over the years. His birthday is close to Father’s day so sometimes he gets combo gifts and it usually works out pretty well in his favor like the year we got him a Nikon DSLR. For the guy who taught me how to take photos it was only appropriate that he have a state of the art camera for himself. If he didn’t already have a laptop I would have suggest that we get him an iPad.

Walmart has iPads, accessories for it and even iPad 2s

I went to my local Walmart to see many of the products in person that I had seen online. I went through many of the sections that contained great gifts for dads. For the handy dad, or a guy who is buying a house, there was the Tool Aisle.

I’ll be needing a set of these someday soon

We have a Wii and I barely get to play but I do love video games. Maybe a new system would be a good idea for my wish list.

I like the display of these side by side.

And if I was going to get a new gaming system than a new TV would certainly be what I’d want. I found a pretty sweet deal on an Internet enabled TV plus a Blu-Ray DVD player in one bundle. It is a bit of money but a Samsung is a darn fine TV. Plus it is 55″ Yeah that is double my existing TV plus 1″. Nice. This goes to the top of my wish list.

I can finally watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy at home with this.

My trip to Walmart on this blog tour was pretty enlightening. I didn’t realize how many brand name high end electronics were available there. The TVs were really well priced and there were so many to choose from. This will be my first stop when I make my Wish list my reality list for the new house.

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Dad Central Consulting on behalf of Walmart and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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6 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gadget Wish List from Walmart”

  1. I’m a huge fan of Samsung TVs – great picture and great quality. I hope you get one!

    On another note, if and when you have the cash, I *highly* recommend springing for a Weber gas grill. I had a small windfall of money a few years ago and bought a Weber Genesis E-320 grill. I’ve been thrilled with it. It cooks better than any other gas grill I’ve ever owned or operated. My wife even swears that the food tastes better on this grill than our previous one.

    They’re pricy, but the nice thing is that many of the internal elements can be replaced piece by piece if needed. For someone who is a year-round griller, you seriously owe it to yourself to consider one of these as an investment.

    1. Kurt,

      Thanks very much for the recommendation. I’m interested in the dual grill but that might just be a novelty. Weber Grills are great, have you ever eaten at a Weber Grill restaurant, they are fantastic and you can grill your own dinner.

  2. Wow sounds like a fun trip for you. I wish Walmart would ask me to go shopping I love to shop and have been trying to attract their attention for a review with no luck. I do a lot of reviews but just can’t seem to get the ones I want most.

    1. Barb,

      I enjoy going and looking at new gadgets, I never tire of that. Do you have a blog? Keep working on it and connect with the different blogger communities to connect with PR firms. I wasn’t paid to shop or anything. Although I will be compensated for my review of what I found at Walmart.

  3. i used to work at an electronic store so i know how fun this trip can be.
    If you are into electronics, you can easily spend a few hours walking around these stores.

    now when it comes to father’s day, i never know which gadget to get my dad.
    he is into technology, but i don’t want to complicate his life.
    last year i went with the iphone 4. this year i am still struggling to think of a gift… this blog definitely helps my search a little bit. thanks

  4. How have you enjoyed the internet enabled TV? I am looking to pick on up(also 3d capabilities), but it seems like the technology is still very new and may be prudent for me to wait another year while it matures.

    Besides surfing the web on your tv, are there any other advantages to having a web enabled tv at this point??

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