Father’s Day in Skylands

A fun Father’s Day activity for me would be to play some Skylanders with Eva. I love that we both enjoy this game. I love that it is easy enough for her to play and I love that when it is too hard for her she doesn’t mind watching me play. We enjoy searching for the characters together and watching what each character does on screen. We both share a fondness for Trigger Happy. He’s a funny character that is goofy and has his tongue out and shoots coin guns and throws things like safes and pots of gold. We also are fans of Ninjini and this activity below would be a perfect on for Eva to make for me for Father’s Day.

Skylanders Father’s Day photo frame

Skylanders Father's Day photo frame

We are very excited to keep playing Skylanders for years to come and especially this Fall when Swap Force comes out. It will be so much fun to play. That would be a great Father’s Day gift, some new news about the game.

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