Father’s Day Scramble

Around this time of year I start getting people who would like me to mention their product and service as it pertains to Father’s Day. I get a bunch of them and not all of them are for a contest or giveaway or anything like that but just stuff for me to mention. So here are a few things that I have had experience with that I want to mention to you with regards to Father’s Day.

Kodak is doing a pretty amazing thing and there is still time for you to Put Dad in the Spotlight. You can submit a photo of your Dad to their Facebook page and it might get chosen to appear on the Kodak website or the screen in Time’s Square. Get those photos in.

I have a Piggyback Rider and this Father’s Day I’m going to encourage you Dads to get one of your own and save your backs in the process. I love to carry Eva around but I get nervous having her on my shoulders. I hate seeing her on anyone else’s either because that makes me more nervous. But I have a Piggyback Rider and I know that she can be safe and secure standing on the Bar and holding my shoulders and my back will not get sore or tired. I’m not the only one who likes The Piggyback Rider either. The Piggyback Rider recently won a prestigious National Parenting Center Seal of Approval in the Products for Parents category. We also just learned that it won the Dr. Toy 2011 Best Vacation Products and Tillywig Sterling Fun awards.

When I was at the Modern Media Man Conference I met Doug Block. Doug made a documentary about being a father called The Kids Grow Up. I got a DVD screen of it at the event and wrote about it on this blog. Well, the movie is going to premiere on HBO2 on Father’s Day. Check out the Trailer for The Kids Grow Up. I’ll get to see Doug again at the Evo Conference in July. Check out the movie for yourself on HBO2 on June 19th.

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