What Eva wants to be when she grows up.

First Day of School 2012

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Today was Eva’s first day at Pre-K. She’s been excited and nervous about it for weeks. We’ve been excited about it as well. I think that Eva’s really going to enjoy going to school five days a week now. Even if it is only half day. Her class is a nice and small one too so I think she’s going to get some extra special attention that she needs. I also think that she’s going to be challenged and that is really what she needs. Being excited about learning and having resources dedicated to doing so is going to go a long way toward her continued development.

We took a bunch of photos before school started on the porch and inside the house. It was getting late and it was also muggy and gross so we took more at the school. Here are some of the better ones.

What Eva wants to be when she grows up.

We took some photos inside as well. Eva with Andrew.

Eva and Andrew, sibling love

She also took some photos with Allison and I.

Allison and Eva on 1st Day of School 2012

And one with me.

Eva and Daddy on 1st Day of School 2012

When we picked Eva up she was excited about her first day. She observed that there was more learning and less playing. I think she’ll come to enjoy all the learning.

We celebrated her first day with lunch at House of Fortune, a first day of school tradition. Andrew was a little chow hound and had all the wait staff enthralled.

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2 thoughts on “First Day of School 2012”

  1. My gosh – Andrew is getting so big and he’s soooo cute; I love his golden locks. Eva – congrats on your first day at school! You’re going to love it!!! 🙂

    1. Barb,

      Thanks. Andrew has such crazy curls. We had a very humid day the other day and he curled up like crazy, I shot a picture and he looked just like a little girl. Eva is loving school.

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