Fisher Cats Game with Auntie Mo

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Today was my Dad’s birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!

Today Allison, Eva and I went up to New Hampshire to catch up with our friend Mo and her family. Mo’s brother Bobby works as the team trainer for the Fisher Cats and he got us some tickets and hooked us up with sweet parking too. Mo was up from Florida and we were very excited to see her. The weather however was threatening to mess with our night.

Because there was a possibility of major thunderstorms and a chance the game could be cancelled we decided to meet up for dinner before the game just in case this would be our only chance to hang out. We met up with Mo and her sister Peggy at Famous Dave’s BBQ. We decided upon the All American Feast and we learned that Eva LOVES ribs. I think that Eva likes ribs because you eat them and get BBQ sauce on both sides of your face like the joker. For some reason she eats everything from the middle. Everything. At least with ribs it works.

Dinner was delicious and fun and it was great to catch up with Mo and Peggy. Peggy also was a lifesaver because she had a princess coloring book and crayons. We had meant to bring them with us but forgot. So, there was something for Eva to do while we waited for the meal.

The weather was with us and we went over to the stadium. On the way in we each got a nice Fisher Cats baseball hat because it was hat night. We got down to our seats and met up with Mo’s Mom and Dad and their friends. We had fantastic seats right behind Home Plate. This was our first time at the stadium and it was a really nice stadium and great seats to have on our first trip.

While we were there I checked to see if longtime blogging friend Christine Murphy was in attendance. She is a major baseball fan and has season tickets to the Fisher Cats and is there most games. As luck would have it her seats were in the same section. We caught up via Facebook and she came down and said hello. It was nice for us to be able to see Christine and meet her husband Mike.

The game was fun and Eva loved it. The seats were wet but we had a towel and Eva made it her job to wipe down every seat. she would have done the whole stadium if we let her. Then she was up picking ducks for some game and winning baseball cards and a poster. She enjoyed some ice cream and delighting Auntie Mo and her family with her antics. She even got on the big screen with her dancing skills. It was a late night but so worth it for her to enjoy herself so much.

On the way out we caught up with Mo’s brother Bobby and we thanked him for the tickets and parking as well. He saw that Eva had a poster and went into the locker room with it and got the team to sign it and then also had a game ball signed by the team manager, Sal Fasano. That was really cool of Bobby. We’re really appreciative to him for hooking us up.

Seeing everyone from Mo’s family was so much fun. Great people with such generous hearts. Thanks for having us tag along.

Also when the game was over I saw the Super Secret Project up on the big screen. They were playing The Granite State of Mind song. Love it!

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4 thoughts on “Fisher Cats Game with Auntie Mo”

  1. It was fun seeing you guys. I’m glad Eva had so much fun. She is adorable.

    The Fisher Cats are a class act. I got to throw out a first pitch back in April as Season Ticket Holder of the Game, and I got to stand next to Sal Fasano during the National Anthem. I got to talk to him a little bit; very nice guy, and he’s doing a great job. That was nice of him and the team to sign stuff for Eva. I hope you’ll consider making another trip up here this summer for another game; if you do, you know where to find us! 🙂

    1. Christine,

      We’ll get back up for a game sometime and we’ll be on the lookout for you and Mike. Very nice to see you again.

  2. It was such a great day!! I talked to Peggy today and she is still raving about how much fun she had!! Thank you thank you thank you for coming out!! I can’t wait to do it again sometime!!

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