Fixing Your Hair, Momma

Photo-A-Day #1753

Tonight was tubby night at our house. After Eva spent a good long while with the duckies in the tub I got her out and dried her off. Allison does her hair. This usually consists of Allison drying Eva’s hair as Eva gets up, runs away and then back again. Drying hair takes a little while longer than anticipated every time. Tonight was a little longer than usual as Eva took the blow dryer and wanted to do ‘Momma’s’ hair.

After Allison’s hair Eva wanted to do mine. So she set about helping Dadda fix his hair.


She’s one funny kid. The other day she even told one of her first jokes. She did her first knock, knock joke.

Eva: “Ding Dong!”

Me: Who’s there?

Eva: (giggling) Maple (or maybe ‘Mable’)

Me: Maple who?

Eva: (laughing hysterically) “Maple Eva!”

Now I am not sure exactly what is so funny to her, maybe she has put these two words together to be “Maple Eva” or “Make Believer”. Either way she did this on her own and thinks it is hilarious.

Other changes are that Eva now recognizes that I am home and gets excited. This is something that I’ve been looking forward to. I remember talking with someone when Eva was first born and them telling me that the best feeling was when they got home and the kids were all excited that Daddy was home. I asked when his kids started doing that and we a bit disappointed to hear him say, “around 2 years old”. Back two short years seemed a lifetime ago, now it has flown by and Eva is at that stage. It makes coming home even that more special.

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10 thoughts on “Fixing Your Hair, Momma”

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Thank you for the comment. Glad you like the pictures. I just love the cute things that Eva does on a daily basis, I try to catch them all on the camera whenever I can. I love getting home each night to Allison and Eva especially when Eva is so excited when I do. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment on this post, welcome to the blog.

  1. Yeah, comming home to your kids is awesome. I love being tackeled with hugs as soon as I walk in the door. Both girls now pretty much run over and hug me everytime I come home even I just went out for a quick run. It’s funny but I see the blog I wrote last night that links up here is the importance of children to a happy life. The overwhelming majority of Dads say children are a 10 in helping to promote happyness in their lives.
    .-= Look at what Kevin wrote blog ..DADvocate – How important are children to a happy life? =-.

    1. Kevin,
      I agree, children do help improve the quality of life, they are just so inquisitive and funny. I know that in the case of Eva she is so open and caring to people that she makes me smile so much. I’ll have to go read that post, I see it is linked through comment luv so I’m going to go check it out.

    1. Deborah,

      It does make my day because it is the one moment in the day that I really feel the slightest bit significant. Makes slogging through work worth it.

  2. Daddy’s do love the “Daddy’s Home” welcoming they get. So glad Eva has got to that age. Makes you day doesn’t it!

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