Florida Road Trip in a 2012 Kia Sorento EX

2012 KIA SORENTO - Image provided by Kia Motors America, INC.

Back before that big football game that the Patriots lost this year I was working with Kia Motors on a Twitter Party. I participated in a fun party to talk about the fun commercial that they released for the Kia Optima. After the Twitter party I asked my contact if it was possible to demo one of their other vehicles on a Road Trip. At first I had a grand plan of driving from our home in Massachusetts to my in-laws in Florida. I figured that since I work on the weekends I could take two weekends off and drive down and back and still have a good chunk of time with Allison’s family and we’d save a bunch of money and headaches by not doing any air travel.

The thing is, we have two small kids and being in the car that long just will not work for us at this time, no matter how much I think it would be awesome, because in reality it wouldn’t. So we looked for decent rates to fly and found a good flight down and then looked for the cheapest flight back. This gave us a good 10 days in Florida. Now, as I stated, we have two small kids. My in-laws have two small cars. My mother-in-law’s car barely fit all of us before we had Andrew and my Father-in-law’s car is not fit for this world but since he only drives it back and forth to the train station its all good. So, then we looked at renting a car for the 10 days and I completely lost it. I went back to Kia and suggested that I do a series of mini road trips while we are in Florida including a 4 hour trip up to Orlando. They said cool and I said cool and we started working on the upcoming trip.

I looked at the Kia lineup of vehicles and settled on the Kia Sorento. I choose the Sorento because it seats seven and we’ll be able to fit the two carseats and the luggage in the car along with the rest of the family. I also liked the look of it and it is not a minivan (not ready for that in my life yet). And I saw that it gets 32MPG (Highway). I’m all about the gas mileage especially if I’m paying for the gas, which I am.

So we’re getting the Kia Sorento for ten days and in that time I’ll be tweeting some photos of the Sorento, driving it, making videos, testing out a ton of stuff on it and generally putting it through its paces. And I’ll be sharing all of this on this blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube. So please follow along as we go on our road trip. The hashtag on Twitter will be #RoadTrip. The journey starts Tuesday.

Disclosure: I asked Kia Motors America, Inc. for the Sorento and they are loaning it to me and my family for 10 days. I am not being paid in any way, simply using the vehicle and testing it out. (I and pretty much laid out everything in the post above.) All opinions of the vehicle are 100% my own.

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8 thoughts on “Florida Road Trip in a 2012 Kia Sorento EX”

  1. am so envious, will definately be following you on your road trip,on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube.good luck guys, enjoy!!

    1. Amanda,

      Okay, I missed this about you guys moving. So many ways of connecting I’ve finally pieced together all the info. Sorry to hear that you guys didn’t get any hot dogs but glad you were able to find some place to eat. You guys should definitely get in touch with some car companies because you could build a great campaign for them. Hot Dog Man and I are trying to get Chevy to help sponsor National Hot Dog Month and it is especially important since Chevy is bringing back an old campaign that mentions hot dogs.

      1. I totally agree. We’re working on a year-long road trip for 2013 and are thinking about RV sponsors possibly too. We probably need to chat. 🙂

        1. I would love to do a road trip like that. I think that if you and Patrick continue to make videos and put them together and make a Kickstarter or some other type of campaign to raise money you’ll definitely get what you need. In the meantime try and cultivate some relationships with companies that have products you love and would love to promote and that would fit into the road trip. Think of everything you would need and create a media kit about it. All you need is an initial sponsor to get on board and then you have more clout with the others. I know you guys can do it. If you want to bounce ideas sometime let me know.

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