Four Months Already

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Andrew turned four months old today. I can’t believe that the time has already flown by so quickly. We had Andrew’s four month checkup today too and he was a trooper. He cried for a couple moments right after his vaccinations and quieted down almost immediately when Allison gave him a hug. He’s really turned a corner since he was three months old. He’s calmer, so much more happy and hardly ever goes into the berserk crying that he did as a newborn. And now he’s four months old. I can’t enough of this kid. And his sister too.

We completed the front yard cleanup. It took a few more lawn bags than I already had so I had to run and get some more but then I have enough to finish up the rest of the yard. We’re talking the other side of the fence and the garden.

Allison has been tearing up a small area of the backyard that is right next to the garage. There was some Japanese elephant ear plant that had been there and it is one tough plant. We’re going to put in some lilacs.

Tonight we had Uncle Mike come over for dinner. He had his wisdom teeth out last week and needed some soft food for dinner. So we grilled up some burgers and dogs and enjoyed a fruit tart that Uncle Mike brought over. Eva was so excited to have Uncle Mike over and she got to do battle with him as she was dressed up like Torunn. She just loves this costume. She even brought the helmet and cape to show and tell along with a photo of her with her sword. She enjoyed having Uncle Mike over and even showed her Skylanders. I love my little geek girl. She’s learning it right from me. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t proud.

Disclosure: The Sticker on Andrew is from Slick Sugar and is called Belly Banter. We got these stickers to incorporate into capturing the milestones, holidays and each month older for Andrew. Opinions about them are 100% my own.

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