Frame it all

Frame it all
Photo-A-Day #1308

My cousin Matt is opening a business in town, just down the street from us in fact, and it is a custom frame shop. Matt worked for years at Corners and he learned the ways around the business. Now he’s branched out on his own and started a great little place in the center of town. The shop is called The Preservation Framer and it has charm and a real rugged artistic feel to it. With one wall of exposed brick and another displaying frame choices, the hardwood floors and the industrial type ceiling It is a great place for artists to get their work framed.

Matt asked me to come down and take a photo of he and his business partner, Rob, for their website. I was only too happy to help. We thought that we got an awesome shot but unfortunately when I looked at it on a screen bigger than the back of the camera I was dismayed that Matt and Rob were out of focus. That and I need my glasses back.

Matt and Rob

The image will work in small scale on the site but it is not something that they could send to the newspaper or use in any other PR materials. I will have to get a better shot at the opening this Saturday. I did take a few other shots while I was there too. I posted them all to Flickr.

On the glasses front, I placed an order for glasses at Zenni Optical that were exactly $200.10 less than the new lenses that I got for my existing glasses. Ouch.

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  1. Corrin,

    I hope not, I am just probably going to kick myself big time that I didn’t try it sooner. Like before I spent all that money on my other lenses.

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