Free Comic Book Day 2020

With Ravage

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00618

As with all things 2020, Free Comic Book Day was a little different this year. It wasn’t just the cosplayers wearing masks. This year everyone was wearing masks and keeping things distanced. Free Comic Book Day was also moved from May to September because of the pandemic and also because it made more sense for people to pick up all of the free books than just a few each week. The books were released each week but doing a big event is something much more fun. I like how Wild Time Comics did the day. They had things spread out so that you weren’t on top of everyone and the books were all outside so they were easy to pick up. There were some cosplayers there on hand for taking photos.

I was leaving and I noticed a statue of Ravage from The Transformers over by the building. I talked with the guy who built it and then took today’s photo with the prop. He did an amazing job on it. He even took it to a Transformers convention where there was a cosplayer dressed as Soundwave and she ended up spending a lot of time with this prop and taking photos with people.

I picked up 5 of the free comics. X-Men and a Spider-Man comics for me. Loud House, Invest-A-Gators and Usagi Yojimbo for the kids. Andy read the Loud House comic three times. He also read them in his underwear because that is how the main character of The Loud House likes to read his comics. I hope that we can all go back to the event together next year.

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