Free of the Plastic Prison

Photo-A-Day #2916

Of the Skylanders that we have there are a few very special ones that we’ve picked up. I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on the Toy Fair Exclusive characters for the past two years. This year I even went to Toy Fair myself and got the metallic blue Chop Chop figure. I finally opened all of these figures because I want to play them and not just keep them in their boxes.

I had a few from Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure (Red Drill Sargent and Blue Bash) and two from Skylanders Giants which were Flameslinger and the aforementioned Chop Chop. I’ve been leveling up each of our remaining figures before I complete the game. I’ve got 21 left to go and two new ones that I haven’t given Eva as well as 6 unreleased figures. Pretty much all of them are completely leveled up, at least the Spyro’s Adventure ones and the Giants ones are close behind. I should have them all complete by the time that Swap Force comes out in the Fall.

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