Fresh Air and Funny

Fresh Air and Funny
Photo-A-Day #1647

With Eva off with Mimi and Grandpa Dano Allison and I took advantage of some alone time. We slept late, went to Mass and then went down to Town Restaurant for breakfast. Having a nice breakfast and time to talk together was wonderful. We love Eva and spending time with her however having adult conversation is not easy when we are watching Eva. It was just nice not to be interrupted by spilled milk, messy fingers and screaming.

After lunch we came home and got caught up on a few things then headed back on out. We went up to Patriot Place to see the new Nature Trail and Cranberry Bog. This is a nice place for families to take their kids and walk around on a gentle trail. This is perfect even for strollers. The cranberry bog is sponsored by Ocean Spray and this is the first year of the revitalization project. Our good friend Bob is asst manager at Bass Pro. The plan is to revitalize the bog over a three year period. This would mean Roots, Shoots and Fruits. One year for each. So in two more years it will be a viable bog. This year there was an opening where cranberries were trucked in and put into the bog for a simulated harvest.

We walked through Bass Pro for a little bit. I had never been in the downstairs part. It is nice they have a trout pool and a large learning aquarium. I’ve been wondering about getting a little fishing pole for Eva. I’m going to teach her about fishing at some point but I think I’ll wait a little longer for this.

After Bass Pro we popped over to the Showcase Cinemas and saw Couple’s Retreat. The movie was just what we needed, it was funny and touching. However, the product placement was rampant with Guitar Hero and Applebees. Also all the husbands were a bit schlumpy and their wives were all hot. The trend I often see in movies and TV shows. The basic premise was that there were four couple friends and they were each in different places in their marriages. They go to an island for a couple’s workshop to help one couple that wants to work on their marriage. This movie is a pretty good one to start discussions between couples, like what couple did you identify with? It also had some very funny parts and funny dialogue, which is typical of Vince Vaughn movies, he has a great delivery.

Back at the house I finally decided to go and back up my Simpletech 1TB external hard drive. I have a 1TB SeaGate FreeAgent Xtreme that I keep in a firebox and use it to backup the Simpletech. I went to check on the backup, stepped on the wire and that SeaGate drive went flying. It no longer works. Ugh.

I got a message from my friend Jim Kukral the other day and he has this great new venture that I am looking into called Prfessor (Aff Link). Jim is a great guy who has some amazing ideas to help people. We talked for a while at Affiliate Summit East and in that short limo ride back from the MarketLeverage boat party he gave me such great advice. Now he’s got this tool for creating online education programs (Aff Link). It launches on Wednesday and it is going to take off. Take a look at what it is all about.

If you have an idea to create an online education program to generate a revenue stream for yourself then this is the program for you. You can learn more about it in this Prfessor review as well.

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  1. Sounds great that you and Allison were able to have some time together! Love the picture at the top of your post and the Prfessor sounds really interesting, just used your aff link to enter my email and see how it goes from there!
    .-= Look at what Brandy wrote blog ..A Maze Of a Day =-.

    1. Brandy,
      Thanks for checking out Prfessor. I’m interested in it as well myself. I have some ideas that I think it would be great for. It was nice to get some time with Allison, we love our Eva but time together is very important especially right now and through the next few days.

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