Photo-A-Day #2828

I left this bottle of water in my car for the past few days and it froze completely. Then it unfroze a little and I drank some, froze and unfroze again, drank some more. Today the YesVideo Photo-A-Day challenge theme was frozen. I knew this was what I’d be shooting.

It was a busy day for us today. I started with a workout at Koko Fit Club. Did two cardio and one strength session. Then I ran over to the YMCA for Andrew’s first swimming lesson. I picked him up from ChildWatch. He was there while Allison did Zumba. We were the only people in the swim class, too. There were supposed to be 3 other people but no one else showed up. So it was Andrew and I solo with the teacher. Andrew did an amazing job swimming. Well, not really “swimming” per se, but he enjoyed the heck out of the water.

The only difficulty was getting him cleaned up after the lesson. There is a family bathroom and we can get ready in there but I don’t want to tie that up for 20 minutes (about how long I think it would take us to get cleaned up). So we did use that to take a quick shower and then I dressed Andrew. My clothes were in the locker room so I had to bring him in there and get dressed while wrangling him from walking around the locker room. I’ll have to figure out something better for next time.

He was so wiped out from his time at the Y that he fell asleep before I even left the parking lot of the Y.

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