Fuel My Blog Widget Competition

FuelMyBlog has had a few competitions in the past and the latest one is a design a Fuel Widget. I had the gauntlet thrown down to me by PaperSurfer. He has made some very nice widgets for Fuel. I made a couple with the variations of actual fuel. I got the idea while filling up my car on my last trip. Here are my submissions.

Widget #1

With this one I figured that the more votes that someone gets the higher the level of Fuel in the Tank.

Widget #2
With this one I wanted the number to be the number of votes a blog has gotten, I thought about fuel votes as a percent octane in gasoline, maybe a percent fueled?

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5 thoughts on “Fuel My Blog Widget Competition”

  1. Drew – thanks for the compliment! Look at you with your photoshop skills all dusted off – very nice.
    Well I suppose I may have to do a couple more before the end of the competition then…

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