FuelMyBlog has been Re-Fueled

That is right. FuelMyBlog is now all new. Kevin and his team have worked very hard to bring you a great site with many options (more will be added as well). Kevin sent me the new look last week and I couldn’t wait till the site re-launched. The site relaunched today around 10:30am EST. And the site looks great. The logo and the color scheme are fantastic.

But what does it do, you ask? Well, FuelMyBlog is a way for you to pick out new blogs to read. The site was started by Kevin and his wife Sylvie so that they could have a way to discover and read new blogs. And they read all the blogs that are submitted. They are dedicated like that. And their dedication has paid off in the brand new redesign of FuelMyBlog, upcoming radio shows and many more great things to come.

Also added is a user Forum. I am a global moderator on the Forum. What that means is that I am helping to maintain some sense of order on the Forum, answer questions, delete spam, and maybe mediate issues that may arise. I am really happy that Kevin chose me to help him on the Forum.

The Forum already has some good categories and content. There are three main categories: New To Blogging?, The Blog Cafe and Marketing Your Blog. Each of these Categories has some topics held within. And these topics are to help bloggers out and get people talking to each other.

In the New To Blogging? category there are three topics: How Do I Start Blogging?, The Widget and Add-on Zone and Blog Hosts and Platforms. So this is a big Q&A section to help each other out with questions and get your feet wet in the world of blogging.

In the The Blog Cafe category there are three topics: The Lounge, Introduce Your Blog To The World and Hot Blog Posts. This is the section for the blogger who is already maintaining there site has some experience blogging and wants to chat about blogging and promote some great posts. This is the social area.

In the Marketing Your Blog category there are two topics: Making Money Blogging? and Marketing your blog. You have something to say or you wouldn’t have started a blog. And you want people to hear what you have to say so get the word out there and if you can make a little pocket change to help pay for the hard work that you put into your blog.

But, back to FuelMyBlog and the new site. You are going to start seeing some new buttons on my sites and on many other sites in the next couple of days. Here are the buttons I am talking about.


By clicking this image you are helping to ‘Fuel’ my blog. The more times your blog is ‘fueled’ the higher and more popular the blog becomes. Having a more popular blog gets that blog listed on the main page of FuelMyBlog. So I am adding the image to my sidebar and asking my readers to please click it each day. Thanks.

If you look at the image below you will see what the new front page of FuelMyBlog looks like.

Some things to point out in the image above. There is a Blog of the Day. Determining the Blog of the Day is up to you, the voters or fuelers rather. The more fuel (votes) a blog gets each day the better their chances are of becoming the Blog of the Day.

There are six main categories listed as well. Art/Literature, Entertainment, News/Politics, Business/Technology, Personal/Lifestyle and Sports/Leisure. By ‘fueling’ (voting) for a blog you increase the likelihood that that blog will be popular enough to be listed on the main page. You’ll notice that there are two rows under each category. A Today’s Top Blogs and Latest Blogs. You will always know what blogs are added and what ones are listed as top blogs. On this page you can Add your Blog, go to the Forum and get your page Widgets (see above voting images and click them). there is also a section for the FuelMyBlog News. This is where the major announcements will be seen.

Now what about this image below:

This is what you will see when you hover over a blog’s image. This box will float in from the side. the box will tell you “click on small blog image for blog info”. Once you do that you will see the options like Fuel this blog (vote in favor of it) or snuff this Blog (vote against it) (Which by the way is mean, people work hard on their blogs) view this blog (by clicking this you go to that blog. You also see some detailed information about the blog and the number of voes the blog has gotten today as well as for all time. You can even leave a comment about the blog. And then when you want to see another blog you will click close.

That’s about it, I hope that this post has helped you understand more about what FuelMyBlog is and what it can do for you. Go signup your blog today and Fuel Your Blog….

and mine too while you are at it. 🙂

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