Andy and His Fungisaurs

Andy and his Fungisaurs

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We were given a case of Fungisaurs for free to unbox and review. Opinions are our own.

Here’s an interesting idea. What if you take dinosaurs and cross them with Mushrooms. That’s how you get Fungisaurs. These are cute collectible figures are great fun for dinosaur loving and science loving kids alike. These edutaining toys help kids learn about biodiversity, dinosaurs and mushrooms all in one. In addition to the toys being collectible there is also a robust app and a full website with even more information. Kids can use their fungisaurs to learn about the worl around them. They can also take their fungisaurs on fun outdoor adventures.

Andy with his Fungisaur

We received a 12 pack of Fungisaurs so that we were guaranteed a full set of the 8 Fungisaurs from series one. They were, Bracko, C-Rex, Chick-Rap, Paradots, Pterocap, Sailamander, Scaly-Anky and Trishroomops. Each Fungisaur is a combination of one dinosaur with one type of mushroom. I thought the idea was fantastic when I first heard of them and out of all the different ones my favorite is Trishroomops. Triceratops has always been my favorite dinosaur. Although, Andy seems to think that I would rather spend more time with the Chickraps.

Me with the chickraps

There is a special AR app available in the App Store and with it you can bring your Fungisaurs anywhere in the real world. Andy had fun putting the Fungisaurs all over the place. He put Bracko in his bed.

Bracko on Bed

He put Paradots in the living room and fed her, too.

Paradots AR

With the AR app you first scan your toy into the app. You do this by rotating the toy slowly so that it does a 3D scan of the toy. WE did find this a little tricky but in the end we were able to scan each of the Fungisaurs into the App. One there you can learn about the dinosaur and the Mushroom. You can feed your Fungisaur and also make them dance. Then you can use the AR function to photograph them in the real world.

Playing with Pterocap

This is a cute series to collect. Each toy is $10 and you can get a 12 pack for ($100 for a limited time). You can also pick up 3 packs, pins, and stickers. They make a nice addition to any dinosaur loving kids collection.


Here is a full press relase on these new toys with even more fun information and links to where you can find them in the wild.

Genetically Engineered Dinosaur-Mushroom Hybrids Are The Cutest Collectibles Including C-Rex… A T-Rex Mash Up With A Woolly Chanterelle

Los Angeles, CA (June 22, 2020) – What do you get when you genetically cross a Velociraptor dinosaur with a Chicken of the Woods mushroom? Why even ask? Because kids everywhere have discovered Fungisaurs ($10). These imaginative collectible toys expect to be the next-big-thing with kids ages 4 and up.

The whole family will dive into the topics of nature, science and biodiversity once they interact with Fungisaurs. The irresistible combination of cute toys, games and animation will soon have youngsters naming a Mica Cap versus a Scaly Hedgehog. There’s also a travel element, as just like mushrooms, Fungisaurs’ spores disperse in the air, so the creatures quickly spread (in a good way) to all corners of the globe.

Like many collectibles, not knowing exactly which character is in the mystery box starts the fun. Fungisaurs toys have an added bonus –free entry into an AR mobile game! The dino-mushroom fun continues with eye- popping Fungisaurs enamel pins ($8) and stickers ($8) and more products in development. The entire edutaining line can be found at

Collect them, swap them and get ready to create imaginative play time. All ages will be enchanted with the eight dino/mushroom mash ups:

  • Bracko is a combination of Brachiosaurus and Witch’s Hat
  • C-Rex is a mash up of T-Rex and Woolly Chanterelle
  • Chick-Rap is half Velociraptor and half Chicken of the Woods
  • Paradots combines Parasauralophus with Fly Agaric
  • Pterocap is an intriguing combination of Pteranodon and Death Cap
  • Sailamander is a mash up of Dimetrodon and Turkey Tail
  • Scaly-Anky mixes an Ankylosaurus with some Scaly Hedgehog
  • Trishroomops is a genetically mixed Triceratops and Mica Cap

Apple device owners can extend play and learning by downloading the free Fungisaurs AR App (not yet released for Androids). The Fungisaurs Instagram page has fun demo videos for how to 3D scan your toy to unlock the character in the app (example Or, you can interact on your browser at Young explorers unlock new characters using the Toy Scan and collect up to eight Fungisaurs. With each Fungisaur found, kids become experts on dinosaur data and spotting native mushrooms! That’s STEM learning with an ingenious twist.

Fungisaurs is a storytelling medium,” explain co-creators Aiman Akhtar and Faa Kinoshita, Team Fungisaurs, “and the main theme we want to tackle is the importance of bio-diversity in creating strong natural ecosystems. What would happen if a new and untested genetically engineered species got out into our world? We feel this is an important line of thinking to encourage in children’s entertainment today. We believe that Fungisaurs stories can really help promote science education, travel and inspire kids to spend more time outdoors appreciating

To date, Aiman and Faa “report” world sightings from bustling cities to remote national parks across North America, Europe, and Asia as the Fungisaurs spores travel on the world’s winds. A Toy Story Is Born As the story goes, Aiman and Faa were driving back from a camping trip to Yosemite National Park when they stopped at an In-N-Out Burger and were given some dinosaur stickers. The couple happened to have a mushroom identification guide out as well, and the sight of the mushrooms next to the dinosaurs led to a flash of inspiration.

Aiman pulled out his sketchbook and began drawing a dinosaur-mushroom hybrid creature – what would become the first series of Fungisaurs.

Giving Back To the Community
Earlier this month, Fungisaurs donated 100% of proceeds from Fungisaurs toy purchases to Campaign Zero and The Conscious Kid in support of Black Lives Matter. Campaign Zero fights to end police violence. The Conscious Kid is an advocate for “parenting and education through a critical race lens.” Aiman and Faa are both People of Color (POC) and want to support these causes they care about.

Single Fungisaurs characters measure about 2” tall and are sold in a sealed Mystery Box ($10) with a total of eight Series One characters awaiting their new home. The handy 3-pack ($30) starts the collection in an instant. An impressive 12-pack ($100) features the 8 characters, plus four duplicates to share the fun — although what’s in the box remains a mystery until kids open them up on the kitchen table.

Fungisaurs Mystery Box Collectible Toy – Series One • $10 • Ages 4+
Each box is a mystery, even to us… Enjoy the surprise!

3-pack – Fungisaurs Mystery Box Collectible Toy – Series One • $30 • Ages 4+
The limited First Edition 3-pack allows the whole family to get in on an AR adventure (free iOS download on the App Store)

12-pack – Fungisaurs Mystery Box Collectible Toy – Series One
• $100 for the month of June (normally $120) • Ages 4+
Collect all 8 series-one Fungisaurs Mystery Box Collectible Toys with this 12- pack complete store display set.

Fungisaurs AR • FREE
Now available on the App Store, this App requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Kids create their own playground by unlocking new characters using the Toy Scan feature. Swipe along with the music in the Dance minigame or uncover the many character stats and descriptions of each Fungisaurs collectible.

Introducing Fungisaurs, original dinosaur-mushroom hybrid species. We hope to inspire adventure, science education and appreciation for nature through toys, games, and animation. A new dinosaur-mushroom hybrid species is popping up all over our world. No one knows where they came from or how many species are yet to be found, but we’re on the case! Follow us for the latest Fungisaurs news and sightings, never know where they’ll turn up next! Find out more at

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