Gadget Girl contest

Loretta over at Gadget Girl is sponsoring a contest this month for a free subscription to Blogger & Podcaster Magazine. Loretta participated in my first every contest and even though she did not end up winning I was wicked impressed with her contest submission. I figure I could return the linky love and tell you all about her contest. It is way less complicated than my contest this month (Stephen this means that you could actually enter this contest without having to do much, but you may be too busy with your iPod).

Anyway if you would like to enter this contest then head over to Gadget Girl and the August Contest ~ Sponsored by Blogger & Podcaster Magazine. I’m going to have to add a link to Gadget girl on Flatwater. The blog looks like a great resource for technology and gadgets. I’m definitely adding the feed to my feed reader too.

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3 thoughts on “Gadget Girl contest”

  1. Stephen, You only get points on the Photo-A-Day posts. The other ones are not point earners. So are you going to show your marketing genius and enter this contest at Gadget Girl? The subscription would be helpful to you to become a better blogger. I would like to have the subscription for myself but wouldn’t mind competition in the contest.

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