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Photo-A-Day #2767

I keep dropping by Target to drool over the Wii U. It comes out two weeks from today and I can’t wait. When I was a kid I would play my Nintendo Entertainment System on an old 10 inch black and white TV in my room. I wonder what 11 year old me would think of me playing the Wii U on a 55 inch Color LED TV.

I am looking forward to a few games for the Wii U. I’m getting a copy of Transformers Prime to review. I want to pick up the Skylanders game for the Wii U but would probably just use the one I have for the Wii. I like that all the games we have for the Wii will be playable on the Wii U. I want that LEGO Undercover game and Super Mario Bros. U.

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  1. Hey,

    I sm loving my Wii U! There is a lot of hate out there for the system but I am optimistic. I am pretty excited for Monster Hunter 3. Can’t wait for the games to start rolling out!

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