Benspark’s Holiday Gift Guide – GEOMAG Mechanics Gravity Sets

Geomag Sets

The folks at Geomag sent us a couple of free sets from their Mechanics Line of toys. Opinions are my own.

These are fantastic toys to stimulate the imaginations and creative spirit of your kids. A great STEM toy that you can give your children or even play around with yourself. I spent over an hour working on my design after I open the Geomag Mechanics Gravity Shoot and Catch Set. I will open the Gravity Motor set as well and I look forward to the creations we will make when I combine the two.

When I was at the HoliDAY of Play I checked out these sets and was very impressed. The cool thing about them is that anything that moves on the sets is driven by magnets either being attracted to each other or repelled. That was so cool to see. I knew that this would be a set that we would enjoy as a family. I know that the kids have all sorts of crazy fun ideas and that they would work with the pieces to create something special. They will but first I took over the whole thing and made my own crazy machine. It is combination of two of the builds from the instructions for the Shoot and Catch set. You can see it in the video below.

You can learn more about the GEOMAG Mechanics Gravity sets on their website. You can purchase them for the holiday season through the Geomag store. This link is an affiliate link of ours. If you use it then it costs you nothing extra but it helps us out. If you’d like to go directly to a couple of the sets check out these links.

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